Original Name アヤナミ
Romaji Name Ayanami
Nicknames Aya-tan
Series 07-Ghost
Age 34
Weight 57 kg
Height 178 cm (anime: 183 cm)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type B

Ayanami from “07-Ghost”: A mysterious and complex antagonist

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Ayanami, the main antagonist in the “07-Ghost” anime and manga series, has a mysterious and complex personality. He is very dedicated to his profession as a soldier and shows unwavering loyalty to his country. Ayanami is willing to go to great lengths, including killing and dying, to protect what he believes in. His strong sense of nationalism serves as the primary motivation for his actions.
Despite his stoic and unemotional demeanor, Ayanami is surprisingly sensitive to the feelings and well-being of his subordinates. He shows a certain amount of compassion towards them, offering comfort and speaking softly when they are in distress. Though he may appear aloof and inexpressive, Ayanami’s actions reveal a deeper understanding of the emotions and concerns of those around him.
Ayanami is known for his strong will and unwavering determination. He rarely complains of pain or fatigue, even though he sleeps only three hours a day. He prefers to work quietly and alone, avoiding distractions and unnecessary interactions. Ayanami is highly intelligent and a skilled tactician, often organizing and leading the military’s strategic attacks. His patience and ability to remain calm in difficult situations make him a formidable opponent.


Little is known of Ayanami’s human past. It is revealed that he was born into a noble family; however, they were cast out of the royal line for reasons that have yet to be revealed. Before the events of “07-Ghost,” Ayanami played a significant role in the war against Raggs, killing Teito’s “father. The exact nature of his relationship with the 07-Ghosts is initially unknown, but it is later revealed that Ayanami’s soul is connected to Verloren, the original owner of the scythe currently possessed by Zehel. In addition, the manga reveals that the Seven Spirits are made up of fragments of Verloren’s being.


Ayanami’s appearance is striking and imposing. He stands 178 cm tall (183 cm in the anime) and has a slender but well-built frame. His white hair, pale complexion, and red eyes add to his mysterious aura. Ayanami is often seen in military uniform, reflecting his role as a high-ranking soldier. His overall appearance exudes an air of authority and power.


Ayanami possesses extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable opponent. He is a skilled fighter and has mastered the use of Zaiphon, a form of supernatural energy. Ayanami’s mastery of manipulation allows him to deceive and outwit his opponents. His strategic brilliance and tactical skills allow him to organize and execute military operations with precision. Ayanami’s strength, intelligence, and combat skills make him a formidable force on the battlefield.


Ayanami’s origins are shrouded in mystery. While it is known that he was born into a noble family, the circumstances of his exile and the events that led to his connection with Verloren remain unknown. As the main antagonist of the series, Ayanami’s past and origins add depth to his character and fuel his motivations and actions throughout the story.
In “07-Ghost,” Ayanami emerges as a compelling and complex character. His unwavering dedication to his profession, his enigmatic personality, and his extraordinary abilities make him a compelling antagonist. As the series progresses, more is revealed about Ayanami’s past and his connection to Verloren, adding to the intrigue surrounding this mysterious character.

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Ayanami – FAQ

Who is Ayanami in “07-Ghost”?

Ayanami is one of the main antagonists in the manga and anime series “07-Ghost”. He is the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army of the Barsburg Empire and plays a central role in the story as a powerful and enigmatic character.

What are Ayanami’s skills and powers?

Ayanami possesses exceptional combat skills and wields the power of the Eye of Mikhail, one of the Seven Spirits, which gives him incredible strength and the ability to manipulate darkness. He is also a skilled manipulator and strategist.

What is Ayanami’s role in the Barsburg Empire?

Ayanami is the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army of the Barsburg Empire. He is a key figure in the military hierarchy, responsible for leading the army and carrying out the Emperor’s orders.

What are Ayanami’s motivations and goals?

Ayanami’s motivations and goals are gradually revealed throughout the series. Initially, his primary goal is to obtain the Eye of Mikhail and use its power to further his own ambitions. Later, his motivations become more complex and intertwined with the overarching plot.

Does Ayanami have any connection to the main characters?

Yes, Ayanami is related to the protagonists of “07-Ghost”. His past is intertwined with the main protagonist, Teito Klein, and their relationship is a central focus of the story. Ayanami’s actions and interactions with the protagonists play a significant role in the development of the plot.

Is Ayanami a likable character?

Ayanami is portrayed as a complex character with a troubled past and conflicting motivations. While some aspects of his backstory and actions may evoke sympathy or understanding, he is primarily portrayed as an antagonist. Whether or not a reader or viewer finds him sympathetic is subjective and may depend on individual interpretation.