Original Name (Japanese) ブルピャ
Romaji Name Burupya
Nicknames Mikage’s Reincarnation
Series 07-Ghost
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Size of a small house cat
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Burupya is described as small, friendly, and absolutely adorable. He is used by the community to cheer up people who are feeling down. Burupya has a particular fondness for eating yakisoba.


Burupya is the reincarnation of Mikage Celestine, Teito’s friend from the 07 Ghost series. After his three wishes were granted, Mikage chose to be reborn as the Fyulong Dragon Burupya to protect Teito forever, even if Teito forgot about their past life together.

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Burupya is a Fyulong dragon the size of a small house cat. He has a chubby appearance with short, stocky limbs and a disproportionately large head.


As a Fyulong dragon, Burupya likely possesses abilities beyond those of a normal animal, though his specific powers are not detailed.


Burupya first appeared in the 07-Ghost anime and manga series, where he served as the reincarnation of Mikage Celestine, Teito’s friend.

Burupya – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Burupya from “07-Ghost”:

What is Burupya?

Burupya is a powerful and mysterious being that appears in the anime and manga series “07-Ghost”. He is one of the Seven Ghost Gods who serve as the guardians and protectors of the Barsburg Empire. Burupya takes the form of a small, winged creature with a feline-like appearance.

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What are Burupya’s abilities?

Burupya has the ability to manipulate the flow of time, allowing it to speed up, slow down, or even stop time within a localized area. She can also use her wings to transport people through time. Burupya is considered one of the most powerful of the Seven Spirits due to the immense abilities granted by her control over time.

What is Burupya’s role in the 07 Ghosts story?

Burupya plays a crucial role in the events of “07-Ghost”, often appearing to help the main characters in dire situations. She is often seen helping the protagonist, Teito Klein, by using her time manipulation abilities to give him an advantage in battles or to help him escape from dangerous situations.

What is the meaning of Burupya’s name?

The name “Burupya” is believed to be a reference to the Japanese word “buru”, which means “to fly” or “to soar”, and the suffix “-pya”, which is commonly used to name supernatural beings in the “07-Ghost” universe. This suggests that Burupya’s name derives from his ability to fly and his status as a powerful ghostly being.

How does Burupya compare to the other Seven Spirits?

While the Seven Spirits all possess unique and formidable abilities, Burupya is often considered the most powerful of the Seven Spirits due to her mastery of time manipulation. This sets her apart from the other Spirits, who focus primarily on abilities such as healing, reincarnation, or the manipulation of matter and energy.

What is the origin of Burupya?

The exact origins of Burupya are not fully explained in the “07-Ghost” series, but it is known that she is one of the Seven Spirits who have existed for centuries as protectors of the Barsburg Empire. The extent of Burupya’s history and the circumstances of its creation remain shrouded in mystery, adding to the aura of power and mystery surrounding this intriguing ghostly being.