Original Name フラウ
Romaji Name Furau
Nicknames Zehel
Series 07-Ghost
Age Unknown
Weight 84 kg
Height 198 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type A


Frau, also known as “Zehel”, is a complex character with a strong personality in the anime series “07-Ghost”. He is portrayed as a perverted bishop who often engages in teasing and playful behavior. Despite his mischievous nature, Frau shows a caring side, especially towards the protagonist, Teito Klein. He saves Teito’s life and becomes an important mentor figure to him.
Frau is known for his impromptu pep talks, which lift Teito’s spirits during difficult times. He has a close relationship with Hakuren Oak, whom he takes on as his “porn disciple”. Frau’s personality is enigmatic, and his true intentions and past are gradually revealed throughout the series. His relationship with Ayanami, a central antagonist, remains a mystery.

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Frau’s backstory adds depth to his character. He was adopted by the Church and became a disciple of Bastian, a significant figure in his life. Frau experienced a tragic event during the Empire’s “Subjugation of the Thieves,” in which all of his friends perished. Despite losing his faith in God, he possessed remarkable power with Zaiphon, leading to rumors that he was blessed with divine strength.
His troubled past and rebellious nature contributed to a strong bond between Frau and Bastian. The details of his adoption and the circumstances surrounding his extraordinary abilities provide a deeper understanding of his character’s motivations and complexities.


In terms of appearance, Frau stands out with his tall stature, measuring 198 cm in height. He has a lean yet muscular build, complemented by his distinctive cross-shaped tattoo on the small of his back. Mann’s attire typically consists of bishop’s robes, reflecting his position within the Church. His black clothing matches his favorite color and adds to his mysterious and somewhat dark personality.


Frau exhibits remarkable abilities related to Zaiphon, a form of energy manipulation in the “07 Ghost” universe. His mastery of Zaiphon is considered exceptional, leading to speculation that he possesses divine powers. Frau’s mastery of Zaiphon allows him to perform powerful attacks and defensive maneuvers.
In addition, Frau’s role as one of the 07 Spirits, specifically as “Zehel,” further enhances his abilities. The 07-Ghosts are a group of supernatural beings who possess immense power and serve as protectors of the world. Frau’s exact abilities as Zehel are gradually revealed throughout the series, adding an element of intrigue and suspense.


Frau’s origin is intertwined with his adoption by the Church and his subsequent journey as Bastian’s apprentice. The circumstances of his adoption are never revealed, leaving room for speculation and further exploration of his past. Frau’s exceptional Zaiphon abilities and his status as one of the 07 Spirits contribute to his enigmatic origin.
Throughout the series, Frau’s origins are gradually revealed, shedding light on his character development and the role he plays in the overarching narrative. Exploring his origins provides a deeper understanding of his motivations, relationships, and contributions to the story.

Woman – FAQ

Who is the woman in “07-Ghost”?

Frau, whose full name is Zehel Frau, is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “07-Ghost”. He is a Bishop and a member of the Black Hawks, a group of elite soldiers in the Barsburg Empire.

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What are Frau’s abilities?

Frau has the ability to communicate with and manipulate spirits, which gives him various supernatural powers. He can summon and control his scythe, called Haruse, to attack enemies. He also has the ability to seal and exorcise evil spirits.

What is Lady’s personality like?

Frau is often portrayed as carefree, relaxed, and somewhat mischievous. He has a tendency to make sarcastic remarks and has a playful demeanor. Despite his casual attitude, he is shown to be fiercely loyal to his friends and willing to protect them at all costs.

What is Frau’s role in the story?

Frau plays a crucial role in the overall plot of “07-Ghost”. He is an integral part of the main character Teito Klein’s journey, serving as his mentor and guide. Frau’s knowledge of the world, his abilities, and his past are essential to solving the mysteries surrounding the Barsburg Empire and the protagonist’s true identity.

What is Frau’s backstory?

Frau’s past is gradually revealed throughout the series. He was once a member of the Black Hawks and a skilled assassin. However, due to certain events, he ended up becoming a bishop and distanced himself from his dark past. The details of his transformation and the reasons behind it will be explored as the story progresses.

Does Frau have any notable relationships?

Yes, Frau forms significant relationships with several characters in 07-Ghost. He shares a close bond with Teito Klein, becoming his mentor and guiding him through his journey. He also has a complex relationship with the character Ayanami, who is both his former comrade and a powerful antagonist in the series.