Yotsuba Nakano

Original Name 中野 四葉
Romaji Name Nakano Yotsuba
Nicknames Yotsuba-chan, Yotsuba
Series 5-toubun no Hanayome
Age 17-18
Weight N/A
Height 165cm
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type N/A


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The energetic and supportive quintuplet


Yotsuba Nakano, a character from the popular anime and manga series “5-toubun no Hanayome” (The Quintessential Quintuplets), is known for her active, cheerful, and easy-going personality. She has a bright and optimistic outlook on life and always approaches situations with a positive attitude. Yotsuba tends to speak in a loud, spontaneous, and sometimes absent-minded manner. She is the type of person who can’t say no to those in need and is often seen helping others, both directly and indirectly.


Yotsuba Nakano is the fourth sister of the Nakano quintuplets. She has the same birthday as her sisters, May 5th, and is about 17-18 years old. From the beginning, Yotsuba is the only sister who wholeheartedly supports and accepts the series’ protagonist, Fuutarou. Her supportive nature stems from her genuine desire to see others succeed and her unwavering belief in the potential of those around her.


Yotsuba stands 165cm tall, making her one of the taller sisters. She has a youthful and energetic appearance, with a bright smile that reflects her optimistic personality. Yotsuba’s most distinctive feature is her long, wavy hair, which she often wears in braids. Her casual clothing is typically vibrant, reflecting her lively nature.


Yotsuba possesses exceptional athletic ability and is particularly skilled in sports. She excels in various physical activities and has even been invited to join the basketball club because of her talent. Yotsuba’s agility and speed are evident in her impressive sprinting ability, as she can complete a 50-meter sprint in just 7.9 seconds. Her stamina and endurance also make her an accomplished runner.

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Yotsuba is the only known sister among the Nakano quintuplets to have excellent eyesight. This sets her apart from her sisters, since Itsuki wears glasses and Nino wears contact lenses. Yotsuba’s keen eyesight allows her to notice details that others might miss, such as recognizing a name tag from a distance. Despite her athletic prowess, Yotsuba struggles academically and often receives poor grades. However, she compensates with her emotional intelligence and compassionate nature.
Yotsuba’s journey throughout the series reveals her underlying feelings of inferiority towards her sisters and her own abilities. These insecurities stem from a childhood encounter with Fuutarou in which she disguised herself as her sister. Yotsuba’s complex relationship with her sisters and her internal struggles add depth to her character and show her growth and development as the story progresses.

Yotsuba Nakano – FAQ

Who is Yotsuba Nakano in “5-toubun no Hanayome”?

Yotsuba Nakano is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “5-toubun no Hanayome” (also known as “The Quintessential Quintuplets”). She is one of the quintuplet sisters and is known for her energetic and cheerful personality.

What are Yotsuba Nakano’s characteristics?

Yotsuba Nakano is easily recognizable by her signature ribbon in her hair. She is often seen wearing a school uniform or casual clothes. Yotsuba is known for her athletic ability and passion for sports. She is also portrayed as being very selfless and always putting others before herself.

What is Yotsuba Nakano’s role in the story?

Yotsuba Nakano plays an important role in the story as one of the potential love interests of the main protagonist, Futaro Uesugi. Throughout the series, Yotsuba’s kind-hearted nature and unwavering support for her sisters and friends make her an important source of emotional support for the other characters.

How does Yotsuba Nakano’s personality differ from that of her sisters?

Compared to her sisters, Yotsuba Nakano is often portrayed as the most outgoing and vivacious. She is known for her boundless energy, optimism, and desire to make everyone around her happy. Yotsuba’s selflessness and willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of others sets her apart from her sisters.

Does Yotsuba Nakano have any interests or hobbies?

Yotsuba Nakano is passionate about sports and can often be seen participating in various athletic activities. She excels in track and field and can often be seen running or engaging in other physical activities. Yotsuba’s love of sports is not only a personal interest, but also serves as a way for her to connect with others.

How does Yotsuba Nakano’s relationship with Futaro Uesugi develop?

Yotsuba Nakano’s relationship with Futaro Uesugi begins on friendly terms, with Yotsuba supporting and encouraging him. As the story progresses, Yotsuba’s feelings for Futaro become more apparent, though she often suppresses them for the sake of her sisters. The development of their relationship explores the challenges they face and the bonds they form along the way.