Fuuko Kurasaki

Japanese Name 倉崎 楓子
Romaji Name Fuuko Kurasaki
Nicknames Astro, ICBM, Icarus
Series Accel World
Age 15
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type B


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A closer look at the character from “Accel World


Fuuko Kurasaki, also known as Sky Raker, is a character from the anime series “Accel World”. She is portrayed as a polite and helpful person who is willing to help others without expecting anything in return. Despite her kind demeanor, there is a hidden sadness in her eyes, suggesting a lingering regret over her separation from her close friend Kuroyukihime (Black Lotus). Fuuko is shown to be a compassionate person, even to those she has just met, and her willingness to help others reflects her selfless nature.


In the world of “Accel World”, Fuuko Kurasaki was a former Burst Linker in charge of the Wind Corner of the Four Elements. She was given several nicknames, including “Astro,” “ICBM,” and “Icarus,” signifying her deep desire to fly. However, her obsession with flying caused her to lose touch with her friends and eventually led to her separation from Kuroyukihime. Fuuko’s determination to achieve flight led her to seek the help of her friend and mentor, Black Lotus, to reach level 8 in the game. It’s worth noting that Fuuko had her avatar’s legs cut off, symbolizing her sacrifice and commitment to increasing her mental power.


Fuuko Kurasaki is described as a beautiful young girl with long, flowing light brown hair and brown eyes. Her beauty is said to rival that of Kuroyukihime, a prominent character in the series. Despite her captivating appearance, Fuuko’s eyes often reflect a sense of sadness, hinting at the emotional burden she carries.


As a Sky Raker, Fuuko possesses the Wind Veil ability, which allows her to manipulate and control the wind. She is also equipped with the Gale Thruster and Neuro Linker, which enhance her abilities in the game world. Before her legs were cut off, Fuuko had earned numerous titles indicating her status as a powerful Linker. Her primary ability was an extraordinary jumping power that allowed her to reach great heights. However, despite her deep understanding of the Incarnation System, she never developed true flight like the protagonist, Haruyuki.

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Fuuko Kurasaki’s character originates from the light novel and anime series “Accel World” created by Reki Kawahara. The series explores a virtual reality world known as “Accel World”, where individuals participate in a game called “Brain Burst”, which gives them extraordinary abilities. Fuuko’s role in the story revolves around her connection to the protagonist and her past ties to Kuroyukihime. Her journey in the series focuses on her pursuit of flight and her interactions with other characters.

Fuuko Kurasaki – FAQ

Who is Fuuko Kurasaki in “Accel World”?

Fuuko Kurasaki is a fictional character in the light novel and anime series “Accel World”. She is a Burst Linker and goes by the avatar name “Sky Raker”.

What is Fuuko Kurasaki’s special power?

Fuuko has the special ability to fly freely in the Accelerated World, hence her avatar name “Sky Raker”. She can navigate the virtual environment with ease and is known for her exceptional aerial combat skills.

What is Fuuko Kurasaki’s role in the story?

Fuuko plays an important role as a supporting character in Accel World. She serves as a mentor and guide to the protagonist, Haruyuki Arita, helping him understand the intricacies of the Accelerated World and providing valuable advice throughout his journey.

What is the relationship between Fuuko Kurasaki and Haruyuki Arita?

Fuuko develops a close relationship with Haruyuki Arita, the main character of “Accel World”. She acts as his senior and mentor, guiding him through the challenges of the Accelerated World. Their relationship develops into a deep friendship based on trust and mutual support.

Does Fuuko Kurasaki have any unique traits?

Yes, Fuuko Kurasaki has a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. She is caring, compassionate, and always willing to help others. Fuuko also carries a sense of guilt from her past, which adds depth to her character and influences her actions.

How does Fuuko Kurasaki contribute to the overall plot?

Fuuko’s contributions to the story are crucial. As a mentor figure, she imparts knowledge and guidance to the main character, Haruyuki Arita, helping him grow both as a person and as a Burst Linker. In addition, her past experiences and personal conflicts add emotional depth and complexity to the story.