Original Name 黒雪姫
Romaji Name Kuroyukihime
Nicknames Black Snow Princess, Snow Black, Black King, Black Lotus, Hime
Series Accel World
Age 14-15 years old
Weight 48 kg
Height 159 cm (5’3″)
Date of Birth September 30, 2032
Blood Type A


Kuroyukihime, the main female protagonist in the “Accel World” series, is portrayed as a calm and patient individual. She has a calm demeanor and is often seen indulging in her love of tea. However, she is not always calm, as she can show rudeness, anger or jealousy, especially when other girls show interest in Haruyuki, the protagonist of the series. Kuroyukihime is also known for her manipulative and persuasive conversational skills, which can be both annoying and impressive to others. She demonstrates intelligence and cunning, especially in her understanding of the game “Brain Burst”, as she was formerly known as the “Black King”. In addition, Kuroyukihime displays knowledge of networking, demonstrating her expertise in wired connections and providing intricate details about networks and their operations.

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Kuroyukihime’s background remains shrouded in mystery. Her real name is unknown, and she comes from a broken and defunct family. She became a Burst Linker at the age of eight and began her journey in the virtual world. She previously held the position of Black King, but after beheading Red Rider, the first Red King, in an attempt to reach level 10 and defeat the other kings, she was forced into hiding. Despite her mysterious past, Kuroyukihime is currently the leader of the Nega Nebulus Legion and serves as the vice president of the student council at Umesato Junior High School.


Kuroyukihime is portrayed as a beautiful and popular character in the series. She has long black hair and captivating orange eyes. She stands 159 cm (5’3″) tall and weighs 48 kg (100 lbs), and has an elegant and slender figure. Kuroyukihime’s avatar in the virtual world is known as Black Lotus, which further emphasizes her striking appearance.


While specific details about Kuroyukihime’s virtual character and abilities are limited, it is evident that she possesses great power and skill. Her avatar, Black Lotus, is considered a formidable force after defeating the former Red King. In addition to her combat prowess, Kuroyukihime has shown exceptional strategic thinking and planning skills, making her a valuable asset in battle.


Kuroyukihime originates from the light novel series “Accel World” written by Reki Kawahara. The series has also been adapted into an anime, a manga, and a video game. Kuroyukihime plays a central role in the narrative as the leader of the Nega Nebulus Legion and serves as a guiding force for the protagonist, Haruyuki. Her complex personality, mysterious background, and powerful presence add to the overall appeal of the Accel World story.

Kuroyukihime – FAQ

Who is Kuroyukihime?

Kuroyukihime is a fictional character from the light novel, anime and manga series “Accel World”. She is one of the main protagonists and serves as the vice president of the student council at Umesato Junior High School.

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What is Kuroyukihime’s role in “Accel World”?

Kuroyukihime plays a pivotal role in the series as the Black King and founder of the “Nega Nebulus” Legion, a group of Burst Linkers. He guides the main character, Haruyuki Arita, into the world of Brain Burst and helps him overcome various challenges.

What are Kuroyukihime’s abilities in “Accel World”?

Kuroyukihime possesses exceptional skills and abilities in the Brain Burst virtual reality game. She is known for her incredible speed and agility, earning her the nickname “Black Lotus”. She also has access to powerful special moves and an extensive knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

What is the relationship between Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki Arita?

Kuroyukihime forms a close bond with Haruyuki Arita, the main protagonist of Accel World. At first, she recruits and mentors him, teaching him about the game and helping him become stronger. Over time, their relationship deepens and they develop romantic feelings for each other.

What is the significance of Kuroyukihime’s appearance in “Accel World”?

Kuroyukihime’s appearance is described as striking and captivating. She has long, black hair and wears a black dress with butterfly ornaments, reflecting her Black Lotus avatar. Her appearance symbolizes her enigmatic and powerful nature and serves as a visual representation of her role as the Black King.

Does Kuroyukihime have any weaknesses or faults?

While Kuroyukihime is portrayed as a strong and capable character, she is not without weaknesses or flaws. She can be emotionally vulnerable at times and struggles with her own insecurities. In addition, her position as the Black King makes her a target for other players, putting her in dangerous situations.