Sakaki Inui

Original Name: 戌井 榊
Romaji Name: Inui Sakaki
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Acchi Kocchi
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: April 14
Blood Type: Unknown

Sakaki Inui – Character Profile


Sakaki Inui is a mischievous and playful character. He is best friends with Io Otonashi, and together they are the prankster duo of their friend group, often teaming up with Mayoi Katase to play harmless pranks on their other friends. Sakaki has a carefree and light-hearted personality, enjoying life and finding amusement in simple things.

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Sakaki is a student at Nekoge High School and is part of a tight-knit group of friends that includes Tsumiki Miniwa, Io Otonashi, and Hime Haruno. He is known for his troublemaking antics alongside Mayoi.


Sakaki has blonde/yellow hair down to his ears and red eyes. His character design gives him a youthful, mischievous look that matches his personality.


Sakaki’s main strengths lie in his creativity and ability to devise clever pranks and schemes with his partner, Io. He demonstrates quick thinking and a knack for planning fun activities for his friends.


Sakaki Inui is a character from the slice-of-life anime and manga series “Acchi Kocchi”. He is one of the main characters and a central figure in the light-hearted, comedic storylines of the series.

Sakaki Inui – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sakaki Inui from the anime “Acchi Kocchi”:

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What is Sakaki Inui’s role in the story?

Sakaki Inui is one of the main characters of “Acchi Kocchi”. She is a shy, quiet girl who has a crush on the main protagonist, Io Otonashi. Throughout the series, Inui tries to get closer to Io and overcome her shyness, though her attempts are often awkward and comical.

What is Inui’s personality like?

Inui is described as being extremely shy and introverted. She has a hard time expressing her feelings and often struggles in social situations. However, she is also kind, thoughtful, and cares deeply about her friends. When she’s with people she feels comfortable with, Inui can be more playful and open.

What is Inui’s relationship to Io?

Inui has a strong crush on Io, although she is too shy to openly admit her feelings. She often tries to get close to Io and spend time with him, but her efforts are often comically misinterpreted or derailed. Despite this, Io genuinely cares for Inui as a friend and sometimes seems oblivious to her romantic feelings.

What are some of Inui’s hobbies and interests?

Inui is shown to enjoy activities such as reading, crafting, and baking. She is particularly adept at making sweets and often brings homemade treats to share with her friends. Inui also has a fondness for cats and is sometimes seen interacting with stray cats.

What does Inui look like?

Inui has long, dark hair that she often wears in braids. She has a petite, delicate build and is often depicted with a shy, shy expression. Inui’s character design emphasizes her calm, feminine qualities.

How does Inui’s character develop throughout the series?

Over time, Inui becomes more confident and comfortable around her friends, especially Io. While she remains shy, she is able to open up more and assert herself at times. Her relationship with Io also evolves, though the exact nature of their feelings is left ambiguous.