Sakura Adachi

Original Name 安達 桜
Romaji Name Adachi Sakura
Nicknames Adachi
Series Adachi to Shimamura
Age First-year high school student
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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A delinquent with a hidden weakness


Sakura Adachi, a character from the anime series “Adachi to Shimamura,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially perceived as a delinquent due to her tendency to skip classes, Adachi’s aloof and introverted nature often causes her to be misunderstood by her peers. Underneath her tough exterior, however, lies a vulnerable and deeply sensitive individual.
Adachi struggles with social interactions and finds it difficult to connect with others. Her introverted nature has left her without close friends, leaving her feeling isolated and lonely. Despite her difficulty expressing her emotions, Adachi has a strong attachment to her classmate Hougetsu Shimamura. She becomes infatuated with Shimamura and longs to be the person closest to him.
Jealousy is a common emotion for Adachi, especially when she sees Shimamura spending time with other friends. This feeling often forces her to withdraw and distance herself from the situation. Adachi’s complex personality adds depth to her character and provides a relatable portrayal of the internal struggles many people face.


As a freshman in high school, Adachi’s background remains relatively undisclosed in the anime series. Before meeting Shimamura, she had never experienced true friendship or formed strong bonds with others. Adachi’s cold demeanor and reluctance to engage with her peers created a barrier that prevented her from forming meaningful relationships.


Adachi’s physical appearance reflects her rebellious and unconventional nature. With short, messy black hair and a slightly disheveled appearance, she fits the stereotypical delinquent image. Adachi’s clothing choices are often casual and comfortable, emphasizing her desire to blend in rather than draw attention to herself.


While “Adachi to Shimamura” focuses primarily on the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters, Adachi does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers. Instead, her strength lies in her resilience and ability to face her inner struggles. Adachi’s journey throughout the series revolves around her personal growth and attempts to overcome her social anxieties.

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Adachi’s origin in the anime series “Adachi to Shimamura” is rooted in her role as the main character. Introduced as a freshman with a reputation for skipping classes and being aloof, Adachi’s story unfolds as she forms a deep bond with Shimamura. Her origin lies in her transformation from a misunderstood delinquent to a vulnerable individual seeking emotional connection and acceptance.

Sakura Adachi – FAQ

Who is Sakura Adachi?

Sakura Adachi is one of the main characters in the anime and light novel series “Adachi to Shimamura”. She is a high school student and a classmate of the protagonist, Adachi. Sakura is known for her energetic and outgoing personality.

What is the relationship between Sakura Adachi and Shimamura?

Sakura Adachi is good friends with Shimamura, the other main character of the series. They often spend time together, playing ping-pong or hanging out in their secret place in the gym’s storage room. Their relationship evolves throughout the story, exploring themes of friendship and romance.

Does Sakura Adachi have any hobbies?

Yes, Sakura Adachi has several hobbies. One of her main hobbies is playing table tennis. She is quite good at it and often challenges Shimamura to matches. Sakura also likes to listen to music, especially rock music.

What is Sakura Adachi’s personality like?

Sakura Adachi is known for her lively and outgoing personality. She is energetic, talkative, and tends to be impulsive. Sakura is often the one who initiates activities and brings excitement to her interactions with others. However, she also has her moments of vulnerability and introspection.

Does Sakura have romantic feelings for Adachi?

In the series “Adachi to Shimamura”, Sakura Adachi’s feelings for Adachi Shimamura are a complex mixture of friendship and romantic attraction. While she cares deeply for Adachi, the nature of her feelings and their development is a central theme of the story and is explored in a nuanced way.

Does Sakura Adachi have any other significant relationships?

Besides her friendship with Shimamura, Sakura Adachi has other notable relationships in the series. She is close friends with Hino, another classmate, and spends a lot of time with her. Sakura also has interactions with other characters, such as the school’s student council president, Akira, and her older brother.