Shirou Yoshiwara

Original Name 吉原 詩郎
Romaji Name Yoshiwara Shirou
Nicknames None
Series Adekan
Age 16
Weight 58 kg
Height 177 cm
Date of Birth December 12
Blood Type A

Shirou Yoshiwara – The Enigmatic Artisan of Adekan

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Shirou Yoshiwara, a character from the manga series “Adekan”, is known for his enigmatic personality. He is a slovenly umbrella craftsman who often struggles to keep his loincloth in place. Shirou is characterized as eccentric and carefree, valuing his freedom above all else. Despite his laid-back demeanor, he is fiercely loyal to his sworn blood brother, Yoshiwara Anri. Shirou has a mischievous charm and a playful nature, often indulging in his hobbies of crafting, appreciating art, and playing the shamisen. He is also known for his love of naps and long walks, especially through the hidden back alleys of the city.


Not much is revealed about Shirou’s background in the series. However, it is known that he is a skilled umbrella craftsman and has a close relationship with Yoshiwara Anri. The two share a deep bond, similar to that of brothers. Shirou’s loyalty to Anri suggests a shared history between them, but the details of their past remain shrouded in mystery.


Shirou Yoshiwara is described as a very slim and handsome young man. He has shoulder-length, disheveled black hair, which he often wears in a small ponytail. Shirou’s most distinctive feature is his unique “raindrop” shaped eyes. His fashion sense is eclectic, and he often wears a loincloth that he struggles to keep in place. Despite his unconventional attire, Shirou exudes an air of elegance and charm.


While not much is known of Shirou’s abilities, his craftsmanship is highly regarded. He is a talented umbrella maker and takes pride in his work. Shirou’s attention to detail and creativity is evident in the intricacy of the umbrellas he creates. He also has a keen eye for art and appreciates its beauty.


Shirou Yoshiwara comes from the manga series “Adekan” created by Tsukiji Nao. The series follows Shirou’s adventures as an eccentric umbrella craftsman and his unlikely bond with Kojiro Yamada, a young police officer. Together, they navigate a world of mystery, crime, and the supernatural.

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Shirou Yoshiwara – FAQ

Who is Shirou Yoshiwara?

Shirou Yoshiwara is a fictional character from the manga series “Adekan” created by Tsukiji Nao. He is one of the main characters of the series.

What is Shirou Yoshiwara’s role in “Adekan”?

Shirou Yoshiwara is an experienced detective and investigator. He works for the police department in the Meiji era of Japan and is known for his sharp intellect and deductive skills.

What are Shirou Yoshiwara’s personality traits?

Shirou Yoshiwara is often portrayed as serious, stoic, and level-headed. He is very focused on his work and is determined to solve any case that comes his way. He is also fiercely loyal and protective of his friends and loved ones.

Does Shirou Yoshiwara have any unique skills or abilities?

Shirou Yoshiwara has exceptional fighting skills and is proficient in various forms of martial arts. He is also a skilled swordsman. In addition to his physical abilities, he has a keen eye for detail and is an expert at unraveling mysteries and solving complex cases.

What is Shirou Yoshiwara’s relationship to the other characters in “Adekan”?

Shirou Yoshiwara has a close relationship with the other main character of the series, Kojiro Yamada. They often work together and rely on each other’s strengths to solve cases. Shirou also forms strong bonds with other characters throughout the story, building a network of allies and friends.

Are there any significant story arcs or developments involving Shirou Yoshiwara?

Throughout the “Adekan” series, Shirou Yoshiwara’s character undergoes significant growth and development. His past is gradually revealed, shedding light on his motivations and personal history. He becomes involved in various complicated and dangerous cases that test his abilities and challenge his beliefs.