Ichigo Hoshimiya

Japanese Name 星宮いちご
Romaji Name Hoshimiya Ichigo
Nicknames Ichigo-chan, Icchan
Series Aikatsu!
Age 13-14 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3)
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth March 15
Blood Type O


Ichigo Hoshimiya, the main protagonist of the Aikatsu! series, is known for her cheerful and optimistic personality. She is always willing to help others and has a caring nature, much like her mother, Ringo. Despite her occasional aloofness, Ichigo is friendly and approachable to those around her. Her naivety and determination often drive her to work hard and strive for success. Ichigo’s personality is often described as one of the “moe” types, and she is admired for her optimism and hardworking nature. Throughout the series, Ichigo learns valuable lessons and relies on her positive attitude and perseverance to overcome challenges.

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Ichigo Hoshimiya is a student at the Starlight Academy. As a freshman in middle school, she was inspired to become an idol after witnessing a performance by Mizuki. This event marked the beginning of her idol career. Despite starting out as a complete novice in the entertainment industry, Ichigo remains optimistic and dedicates herself to becoming a top idol. She relies on the guidance and support of her best friend, Aoi Kiriya, who helps her navigate the idol world. Throughout the series, Ichigo’s journey includes learning about the industry, improving her skills, and forming meaningful friendships.


Ichigo Hoshimiya has a cute and lively appearance that matches her cheerful personality. She is often depicted with bright and vibrant hair, typically styled in braids or twin tails. Ichigo’s fashion sense reflects her cute and energetic image, and she is known for her unique and colorful outfits. Her clothing choices often match her favorite card brand, Angely Sugar. Ichigo’s appearance not only attracts attention, but also symbolizes her youthful and dynamic character.


As an aspiring idol, Ichigo possesses various talents and abilities. She is known for her hardworking nature and dedication to improving her skills. Throughout the series, Ichigo undergoes rigorous training at the Starlight Academy to develop her singing, dancing, and acting skills. She demonstrates resilience and a willingness to push herself beyond her limits. Despite her initial lack of knowledge about the entertainment industry, Ichigo’s determination and positive attitude contribute to her growth as an idol.


Ichigo Hoshimiya comes from the Aikatsu! series, a multimedia franchise that includes an anime, a manga, and a card game. Created by Bandai and Sunrise, Aikatsu! follows the journey of young girls who aspire to become top idols. Ichigo serves as the series’ main protagonist, and her story revolves around her quest for success and her experiences as a student at Starlight Academy. Aikatsu! has gained popularity for its vibrant characters, catchy music, and appealing aesthetics, with Ichigo playing a central role in capturing the hearts of fans.


The article is based on the information available on the MyAnimeList character page for Ichigo Hoshimiya (https://myanimelist.net/character/67451/Ichigo_Hoshimiya) and general knowledge of the Aikatsu! series.

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Ichigo Hoshimiya – FAQ

Who is Ichigo Hoshimiya?

Ichigo Hoshimiya is the main character of the anime series “Aikatsu! She is a happy and determined young girl who dreams of becoming an idol.

What is Ichigo’s personality like?

Ichigo is known for her energetic and optimistic personality. She is always willing to do her best in everything she does and has a never-say-die attitude. She is also kindhearted and cares deeply for her friends.

How does Ichigo become an idol?

Ichigo’s journey to become an idol begins when she enrolls in Starlight Academy, a prestigious school for aspiring idols. She undergoes rigorous training, participates in auditions, and gradually improves her skills to achieve her dream.

Who are Ichigo’s close friends in Aikatsu!

Throughout the series, Ichigo forms strong bonds with several characters. Her closest friends include Aoi Kiriya, a talented dancer, and Ran Shibuki, a cool and mature idol. Together they support and encourage each other in their idol journeys.

What are Ichigo’s most notable achievements as an idol?

Ichigo achieves various milestones throughout her idol career. Some of her notable achievements include winning the Starlight Queen Cup, a prestigious idol competition, and becoming the top idol at the Starlight Academy. She also forms a group called Soleil and releases successful singles.

Does Ichigo have any special skills or talents?

Although Ichigo doesn’t have any extraordinary powers, she does have a natural talent for singing and dancing. With hard work, determination, and the support of her friends, she constantly improves her skills and becomes a skilled and popular idol.