Misuzu Kamio

Japanese Name 神尾 観鈴
Romaji Name Kamio Misuzu
Nicknames Misuzu-chin
Series Air
Age 15-16
Weight 46 kg
Height 159 cm
Date of Birth July 23
Blood Type Unknown

Misuzu Kamio from “Air”: A Character Analysis

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Misuzu Kamio, the main heroine of the anime and visual novel series “Air,” is known for her slightly strange and cheerful personality. She has a strong obsession with dinosaurs dating back to her childhood, and often incorporates dinosaur-related expressions into her everyday speech. Despite her love of dinosaurs, Misuzu finds it difficult to make friends and often feels lonely. She is determined to overcome her social difficulties and actively seeks to connect with others.


Misuzu’s story begins when she meets the protagonist, Yukito Kunisaki. She invites him to her home for dinner and eventually forms a close friendship with him. However, it is revealed that Misuzu suffers from a condition that causes her to cry uncontrollably when she gets close to friends. She has sought medical help for her condition, but her condition worsens over time.


Misuzu Kamio is a 15-16-year-old girl with a height of 159 cm and a weight of 46 kg. She has long, light brown hair and gentle blue eyes. Her appearance reflects her youthful and innocent nature.


Although Misuzu Kamio does not possess any supernatural or extraordinary abilities, her character is significant in the context of the story. She represents the Winged Maiden, a cursed figure from a childhood story Yukito heard. The curse causes Misuzu to experience constant pain and eventually leads to her tragic fate.


Misuzu Kamio is a character from the anime and visual novel series “Air” developed by Key and released in 2000. The series explores themes of friendship, love, and tragedy, with Misuzu’s character playing a central role in the narrative. Her story delves into the complexity of human relationships and the importance of real connections.

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Misuzu Kamio – FAQ

Who is Misuzu Kamio?

Misuzu Kamio is a main character in the visual novel and anime series “Air”. She is a young girl with a cheerful and innocent personality.

What is Misuzu’s role in “Air”?

Misuzu serves as the central character of the story in “Air. Her journey and interactions with other characters drive the story forward.

What are Misuzu’s unique characteristics?

Misuzu is known for her catchphrase “Gao,” which she uses to express excitement or happiness. She also has the ability to communicate with birds.

What does Misuzu’s illness mean?

Misuzu suffers from a mysterious disease called “Kamikakushi”, which causes her to have seizures and physical weakness. Her illness plays a crucial role in the overall plot and themes of the story.

How does Misuzu’s relationship with Yukito develop?

Yukito, the main male protagonist, initially comes to town in search of the “girl in the sky” and befriends Misuzu. As the story progresses, their bond deepens and they develop romantic feelings for each other.

Does Misuzu have any connection to the supernatural?

Yes, Misuzu has a supernatural connection in the story. Her fate is intertwined with the legend of the “winged girl” and the concept of reincarnation.