Itsuki Minami

Original Name 南 樹
Romaji Name Minami Itsuki
Nicknames Ikki, Crow-kun, Babyface, Storm King
Series Air Gear
Age 15
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A



The spirited protagonist of “Air Gear


Itsuki Minami, also known as Ikki, is a character full of energy and eccentricity. He has an upbeat and wacky personality that matches the vibrant world of Air Gear. Known for his carefree and impulsive nature, Ikki is always determined to do things his way, regardless of the consequences. Despite his gangster-like persona, he often surprises others with his ability to think beyond the surface and share deep philosophical insights. Ikki’s bad attitude and penchant for foolish antics are balanced by his keen attention to detail and deep devotion to his passions.


Before the events of the series, Ikki was established as the leader of the East Side Gunz, a gang at his school. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he is introduced to Air Trecks (ATs) by the Noyamano family, with whom he is staying after the death of his parents. ATs are motorized in-line skates equipped with powerful engines that allow riders to perform gravity-defying stunts. Inspired by the world of air trekking, Ikki forms his own team called Kogarasumaru. From there, his journey as a Storm Rider begins as he aims to reach the pinnacle of the AT world.


Itsuki Minami has a distinct appearance that reflects his unique personality. He is often seen with his purple hair in a chaotic style, which is used as a nest by a small crow named Kū. Ikki’s clothing typically consists of casual streetwear, reflecting his carefree nature. He has a youthful and energetic aura that matches his passion for air trekking.


Ikki possesses remarkable skills as an air trekker. He has a natural affinity for being in the sky and is quickly becoming known for his skills in the AT world. His ability to see the Wing Road, a technique that allows riders to use the wind, sets him apart from others. In addition, Ikki possesses two passive traits known as Hawk Eye and Trick Pass, which allow him to survey his surroundings and take full advantage of any terrain available. These traits make him a strong candidate to become the next Sky King.
Over time, Ikki’s skills develop as he trains under the tutelage of Sora, a skilled Storm Rider. He receives the incomplete Wind Regalia, a powerful device that increases his speed and gives him the ability to fly. However, he struggles to control its destructive power. Despite setbacks, Ikki’s determination remains unwavering, and he continues to hone his skills and strive for greatness.


Itsuki Minami’s journey begins when he is introduced to the world of Air Trecking by the Noyamano family. Living with them after the loss of his parents, he embraces the thrill and freedom of Air Trecking and forms his team, Kogarasumaru. As the series progresses, Ikki’s experiences, friendships, and rivalries shape him into a formidable Storm Rider. His encounters with various individuals and his relentless pursuit of his dreams contribute to his growth as a character.
Itsuki Minami, with his vibrant personality, unique abilities, and determination, serves as the heart and driving force behind the Air Gear series. As the story unfolds, Ikki’s journey captivates the audience and shows his growth as a driver and as an individual.

Itsuki Minami – FAQ

Who is Itsuki Minami?

Itsuki Minami, also known as Ikki, is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Air Gear”. He is a fearless and skilled teenage street punk who becomes involved in the underground world of Air Treck, a high-speed inline skating sport.

What are Itsuki’s personality traits?

Itsuki is portrayed as hotheaded, impulsive, and initially arrogant. However, he is also fiercely loyal, protective of his friends, and has a strong sense of justice. As the story progresses, he matures and becomes more selfless and determined.

How does Itsuki acquire his Air Trek skills?

Itsuki acquires his air trekking skills through extensive practice and training. He starts out with a natural talent for skating, but becomes more skilled by challenging and learning from other riders, participating in battles, and pushing himself to the limit.

What is Itsuki’s role in the story?

Itsuki is the main character in Air Gear, and the story revolves around his journey. He starts as an underdog and rises through the ranks of the Air Gear world, forming his own team called Kogarasumaru and competing against various rivals and teams.

Does Itsuki have any special skills?

While Itsuki doesn’t possess any supernatural powers, he is known for his exceptional agility, speed, and reflexes on Air Treck skates. Throughout the series, he develops unique techniques and maneuvers that contribute to his reputation as a formidable skater.

What are Itsuki’s relationships with the other characters?

Itsuki forms close relationships with several characters in “Air Gear”. He has a complicated relationship with his childhood friend and love interest, Ringo Noyamano. He also develops strong friendships with other members of Kogarasumaru, including Kazuma “Kazu” Mikura, Onigiri, and Buccha.

Does Itsuki have to face any challenges or obstacles?

Throughout the series, Itsuki faces many challenges and obstacles. He encounters rival teams, formidable opponents, and powerful organizations that seek to control the world of Air Treck. Itsuki’s determination and resilience are constantly tested as he fights to protect his friends and achieve his goals.