Takeru Shirogane

Original Name 白銀武
Romaji Name Shirogane Takeru
Nicknames N/A
Series Akane Maniax, Muv-Luv franchise
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The protagonist of “Akane Maniax


Takeru Shirogane, the protagonist of “Akane Maniax”, is a multifaceted character with a unique personality. He is portrayed as a relaxed and carefree individual who often displays a lazy attitude. Takeru is known for his love of virtual reality mecha fighting games, especially “Valgern-on”. Despite his seemingly casual demeanor, Takeru possesses a strong sense of determination and a willingness to protect those he cares about.


In the anime series “Akane Maniax”, Takeru Shirogane’s background is closely tied to the Muv-Luv franchise. He is a prominent character in the Muv-Luv visual novel series, including titles such as “Muv-Luv Extra,” “Muv-Luv Unlimited,” and “Muv-Luv Alternative. The story follows Takeru’s journey through various timelines and parallel worlds, where he encounters various challenges and fights formidable enemies known as the BETA.


Takeru Shirogane has a distinct appearance in Akane Maniax. He is depicted as a typical high school student with average height and build. Takeru has messy brown hair and warm, friendly brown eyes. His casual attire often consists of a school uniform or casual clothes, reflecting his laid-back personality.


Throughout the Muv-Luv series, Takeru Shirogane displays remarkable skills and abilities. In the virtual reality mecha battles of “Valgern-on,” he demonstrates exceptional skill and strategic thinking. Takeru’s experiences in different timelines provide him with valuable knowledge and insight, allowing him to make informed decisions and change the course of events.

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Takeru Shirogane is from the Muv-Luv visual novel series created by Âge. His character plays a pivotal role in the overarching storyline that spans multiple titles within the franchise. The Muv-Luv series, including Akane Maniax, explores themes of mecha combat, parallel worlds, and the struggle for survival against the alien BETA forces.

Takeru Shirogane – FAQ

Who is Takeru Shirogane in “Akane Maniax”?

Takeru Shirogane is one of the main characters in the anime and visual novel series “Akane Maniax”. He is a high school student and the childhood friend of the protagonist, Jouji Gouda. Takeru plays an important role in the romantic plot of the story.

What is Takeru’s personality like?

Takeru is portrayed as a cheerful and outgoing person. He is known for his energetic and optimistic nature, often bringing a lively atmosphere wherever he goes. Takeru is also shown to be quite supportive and caring towards his friends.

What is the relationship between Takeru and Akane Suzumiya?

Akane Suzumiya is Takeru’s love interest in “Akane Maniax”. They share a close bond and have known each other since childhood. Takeru has strong romantic feelings for Akane and often goes to great lengths to protect and support her.

How does Takeru contribute to the plot?

Takeru plays a crucial role in the romantic storyline of “Akane Maniax”. His unwavering support for Akane and his friendship with Jouji Gouda create a complex love triangle that drives much of the story’s conflict and character development.

Does Takeru have any special talents or hobbies?

Takeru is portrayed as an accomplished musician. He plays the guitar and is often seen performing music, both as a solo artist and with his band. Music serves as an important aspect of Takeru’s character and is used to express his emotions throughout the series.

Can you tell me more about Takeru’s role in the visual novel adaptation of “Akane Maniax”?

In the visual novel adaptation, Takeru’s role remains similar to his portrayal in the anime. However, the visual novel format allows for more in-depth exploration of his character, relationships, and different story paths. Players can experience different routes that delve into Takeru’s personal growth and romantic endeavors.