Original Name シンア
Romaji Name Shin-ah
Nicknames Blue Dragon
Series Akatsuki no Yona
Age 18
Weight N/A
Height 180 cm
Date of Birth January 3
Blood Type N/A

Shin-ah “Blue Dragon” from “Akatsuki no Yona


Shin-ah, also known as “Blue Dragon”, is a complex character with a gentle and reserved demeanor. Due to his upbringing and the unique abilities given to him as the Blue Dragon, he often hides his emotions behind his horned skull mask. Shin-ah is introspective and tends to observe situations quietly, showing a deep understanding of the world around him. Despite his reserved nature, he has a kind heart and cares deeply for his friends, especially Yona, to whom he becomes particularly attached during their journey.


Born in a village that carries on the bloodline of the Blue Dragon, Shin-ah’s life has been marked by loneliness and isolation. Raised with little human contact, he was constantly feared and misunderstood due to his unique abilities. Shin-ah’s dragon eyes give him the power to see great distances and inflict deadly hallucinations on his victims. This power comes at a price, however, as he struggles to maintain control over the Blue Dragon’s murderous will. Despite the challenges he faces, Shin-ah’s life takes a significant turn when he joins Yona and her companions on their journey.


Shin-ah is a young man of tall stature and captivating appearance. He is often seen wearing a horned skull mask that covers half of his face, adding to his mysterious and enigmatic aura. Underneath the mask, he has striking blue eyes, a characteristic of the Blue Dragon. Shin-ah’s overall appearance, combined with his unique mask, contributes to his distinctive and memorable presence.


As a Blue Dragon, Shin-ah possesses extraordinary abilities associated with his dragon lineage. His dragon eyes give him the power of enhanced vision, allowing him to see great distances. In addition, his eyes have the ability to cause fatal hallucinations in his enemies, and in extreme cases, can cause his entire body to cease functioning. However, Shin-ah struggles to fully control this power, often losing himself to the Blue Dragon’s will. After using his abilities, he becomes temporarily paralyzed, making his power a double-edged sword.


Shin-ah was born in the village that carries on the bloodline of the Blue Dragon deity. Because of his lineage, he is chosen to be the current bearer of the Blue Dragon’s power. His journey begins when he joins Yona and her companions on their quest. Through their adventures, Shin-ah not only discovers his true potential, but also finds solace and companionship among his newfound friends.

Shin-ah – FAQ

Who is Shin-ah in “Akatsuki no Yona”?

Shin-ah, also known as Blue Dragon, is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series “Akatsuki no Yona” (Yona of the Dawn). He is a member of a legendary group of dragon warriors who possess extraordinary powers.

What are Shin-ah’s powers?

Shin-ah’s power as the Blue Dragon allows him to control and manipulate water. He has the ability to summon rain, create water-based attacks, and even breathe underwater. In addition, his eyes have a special ability called “Fuchi no Miko,” which allows him to see the flow of life energy.

What is Shin-ah’s personality like?

Shin-ah is initially portrayed as introverted and shy due to his isolated upbringing. He has a gentle and kind nature and often expresses concern for others. However, due to his past experiences, he struggles with trust and making connections with people. Despite his reserved demeanor, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and has a strong sense of justice.

How does Shin-ah contribute to the group?

Despite his initial reservations, Shin-ah becomes an invaluable member of Yona’s group. His water-based powers are instrumental in battle, providing support and defense to his allies. In addition, his unique ability to see the flow of life energy allows him to sense danger and locate hidden enemies. Shin-ah’s strong bond with his dragon comrades also brings a sense of unity and strength to the group.

What is Shin-ah’s relationship to Yona?

Over the course of the series, Shin-ah develops a close and trusting relationship with Yona. Yona’s unwavering kindness and acceptance help Shin-ah overcome his fears and emotional barriers. He becomes fiercely protective of her and is willing to risk his life to ensure her safety. Yona, in turn, deeply values Shin-ah’s presence and considers him a treasured friend.

Does Shin-ah have any notable character development?

Yes, Shin-ah undergoes significant character development over the course of the story. Initially withdrawn and hesitant, he gradually learns to trust and open up to his companions. He develops a sense of self-worth and gains confidence in his abilities. Shin-ah’s growth is also reflected in his interactions with others, as he becomes more comfortable expressing his emotions and forming deep relationships.