Tamotsu Denkigai

Original Name (Japanese): 伝木凱 タモツ
Romaji Name: Denkigai Tamotsu
Nicknames: Prince Mabu-Neet
Series: Akiba’s Trip: The Animation
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Tamotsu Denkigai – Profile


Tamotsu is a passionate Otaku with a deep fascination for the culture and atmosphere of Akihabara. He is described as a well-known hobbyist in the city, with interests ranging from anime, manga, and video games to cosplay and various other geeky pursuits. Tamotsu is often portrayed as enthusiastic, energetic, and occasionally prone to getting carried away with his hobbies. However, he is also shown to be brave, caring, and willing to protect his younger sister Niwaka and others he cares about.

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Tamotsu Denkigai is the main protagonist of the anime series “Akiba’s Trip: The Animation”. He is the older brother of Niwaka Denkigai and lives in the Akihabara district, the center of otaku culture in Japan. Tamotsu is deeply immersed in the Akihabara lifestyle and is considered a well-respected hobbyist in the city.


Tamotsu has blue hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing casual, youthful clothing that reflects his otaku sensibilities, such as T-shirts with anime or video game designs. His appearance is that of a young, energetic male protagonist who fits the mold of a typical anime-inspired character.


As the main character, Tamotsu is shown to have a variety of skills and abilities that come in handy throughout the series. He is portrayed as a skilled fighter who can hold his own against the supernatural threats that invade Akihabara. In addition, Tamotsu’s deep knowledge of and passion for otaku culture prove to be valuable assets in overcoming the challenges he faces.


Tamotsu Denkigai is a character created for the anime series “Akiba’s Trip: The Animation”, which is an adaptation of the video game series “Akiba’s Trip”. The character was probably created to embody the essence of the Akihabara otaku culture and to serve as a relatable protagonist for the anime’s target audience.

Tamotsu Denkigai – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Tamotsu Denkigai from “Akiba’s Trip The Animation”:

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Who is Tamotsu Denkigai?

Tamotsu Denkigai is a character from the anime series “Akiba’s Trip The Animation”. He is a member of Akiba’s Electric Town Defense Force, a group dedicated to protecting Akihabara from supernatural threats.

What is Tamotsu’s role in the story?

Tamotsu serves as a supporting character and ally to the main protagonist, Yū Nitta. As part of the Electric Town Defense Force, Tamotsu provides support and assistance to Yū as he navigates the dangers of Akihabara.

What are Tamotsu’s abilities?

Tamotsu is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of various electric weapons. His knowledge of Akihabara’s layout and supernatural occurrences also makes him a valuable source of information for the protagonist.

How does Tamotsu’s character develop throughout the series?

At first, Tamotsu is portrayed as a serious and somewhat aloof member of the Electric Town Defense Force. However, as the story progresses, he becomes more warm and supportive of Yū, showing a deeper concern for the welfare of Akihabara and its residents.

What is Tamotsu’s relationship to the other characters?

Tamotsu has a professional and respectful relationship with his fellow members of the Electric Town Defense Force. He also forms a close bond with Yū, acting as a mentor and trusted ally throughout the series.

What is Tamotsu’s significance in the overall Akiba’s Trip franchise?

Although not a main character, Tamotsu Denkigai is an important supporting character in the Akiba’s Trip universe. He represents the dedicated efforts of those who work to protect Akihabara and its unique culture, and plays an important role in the events of the story.