Original Name (Japanese): 敷島
Romaji Name: Shikishima
Nicknames: “Skinhead”
Series: Akira
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Shikishima, also known as “Skinhead,” is a high-ranking military officer who oversees research into psychic abilities. He is described as an honorable and uncompromising man. Despite his physically imposing presence, he prefers to rely on his military might, advanced technology such as Caretaker robots, and a satellite-based weapon called SOL to achieve his goals. Shikishima is determined to capture the Esper child Tetsuo in order to use his powerful psychic abilities.


Shikishima is a prominent figure in the dystopian world of Akira. He closely observes the three Esper children, Kiyoko, Takashi and Masaru, and seeks to capture Tetsuo, who has awakened to his immense psychic potential. Shikishima views the corrupt and self-serving government of Neo-Tokyo as an obstacle to his goals, and ultimately orchestrates a military coup to overthrow it in both the anime and manga adaptations of “Akira.

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Shikishima is depicted as a tall, muscular man with a shaved head, earning him the nickname “Skinhead”. His imposing physical presence matches his stern and authoritative demeanor. He is often seen wearing a military uniform, reflecting his position as a senior officer in the armed forces.


As a high-ranking military officer, Shikishima has access to advanced technology and resources to aid in his pursuit of the Esper children. He commands a powerful military force, including the Caretaker robots and the devastating satellite-based weapon SOL, which he uses to great effect in his conflict with the Neo-Tokyo government.


Shikishima is a character created by Katsuhiro Otomo for his acclaimed manga “Akira”. He serves as a major antagonist in the story, representing the efforts of the military-industrial complex to harness and control the immense power of the Esper children. Shikishima’s role and actions are instrumental in shaping the dystopian world and ultimate fate of the characters in Akira.

Shikishima – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Shikishima from “Akira”:

What is Shikishima?

Shikishima is a massive military fortress and research facility featured in the anime and manga series “Akira”. Located in Tokyo Bay, it is the headquarters of the government’s secret military and scientific projects, including research into psychic powers and the investigation of the title character, Akira.

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What is the purpose of Shikishima?

Shikishima serves as the central command and control center for the government’s secret operations. It houses advanced laboratories, testing facilities, and secure detention areas for research into ESP and other supernatural phenomena. The base also serves as a fortified military installation to protect these sensitive projects from outside interference.

Who runs Shikishima?

Shikishima is operated by the Japanese government’s Ministry of Defense and various intelligence agencies. It is overseen by high-ranking military officials and political leaders who understand the sensitive nature of the research and activities taking place there.

What kind of technology is being used at Shikishima?

Shikishima uses cutting-edge military and scientific technologies, including advanced computer systems, robotics, biotechnology, and experimental weapons. The facility also houses a powerful data processing center that monitors activities throughout Japan and stores sensitive information related to the government’s secret programs.

What happened to Shikishima during the events of Akira?

During the climactic events of “Akira,” Shikishima becomes a key battleground as the government tries to contain the growing unrest and destruction caused by Tetsuo’s awakening psychic powers. The facility is severely damaged by battles between the military, rebel forces, and Tetsuo’s unbridled abilities.

What is the significance of Shikishima in the story of Akira?

Shikishima represents the secretive and authoritarian nature of the Japanese government, as well as the dangers of unchecked scientific and military power. It serves as the central hub of the government’s attempts to control and contain the supernatural forces unleashed by the characters, which ultimately fail to prevent the catastrophic events that unfold.