Isuzu Sento

Original Name 千斗 いすず
Romaji Name Isuzu Sento
Nicknames None
Series Amagi Brilliant Park
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Isuzu Sento from “Amagi Brilliant Park


Isuzu Sento, the main female protagonist of the anime series “Amagi Brilliant Park”, has a stoic personality. She often maintains a serious and expressionless demeanor, rarely showing her emotions. Her voice is monotone, which adds to her overall calm and collected nature. Although she may appear cold and blunt at times, Isuzu is quite sensitive underneath.


Isuzu Sento comes from a magical land known as Mapleland. She holds the prestigious title of First Royal Guard and wields a powerful magical muzzleloader called the Steinberger. Isuzu crossed over to the human world during the third semester of high school, where she encountered a flood of men approaching her. Despite the attention, she managed to fend off their advances.


In terms of appearance, Isuzu Sento is a captivating and mysterious character. She has a beautiful and alluring design that attracts the attention of viewers. Isuzu has long, flowing silver hair that cascades down to her waist, elegantly framing her face. Her eyes are a striking shade of blue, adding to her enigmatic aura. Isuzu is often seen wearing her Royal Guard uniform, which complements her serious and disciplined demeanor.


Isuzu Sento’s most notable ability is her mastery of the magical muzzleloader, the Steinberger. This weapon has been magically implanted in her body, allowing her to summon it from any exposed skin. Isuzu displays exceptional marksmanship, quickly aiming her muzzleloader at any potential threat. The power of the Steinberger is tremendous, making Isuzu a formidable force to be reckoned with.


Isuzu Sento’s origins can be traced back to Mapleland, a magical realm where she served as a member of the Royal Guard. It was in Mapleland that Isuzu honed her skills and acquired her magical abilities. She was eventually assigned to accompany Seiya, the male protagonist, to the Amagi Brilliant Park. Isuzu’s journey from Mapleland to the human world forms a significant part of her character’s arc in Amagi Brilliant Park.
Isuzu Sento’s character in “Amagi Brilliant Park” captivates audiences with her stoic personality, captivating appearance, and formidable abilities. Her role as the First Royal Guard adds depth and intrigue to the overall story of the series. As viewers immerse themselves in the world of Amagi Brilliant Park, Isuzu Sento’s presence becomes an essential element in the development of the story and its various storylines.

Isuzu Sento – FAQ

What is the role of Isuzu Sento in “Amagi Brilliant Park”?

Isuzu Sento is one of the main characters in the anime series “Amagi Brilliant Park”. She serves as the park’s general manager and is responsible for managing the park’s operations and ensuring its success.

What are Isuzu Sento’s personality traits?

Isuzu Sento is known for her serious and no-nonsense personality. She is often seen as strict and diligent in her work, prioritizing efficiency and professionalism. However, as the series progresses, her character evolves, revealing more of her caring and vulnerable side.

What special abilities does Isuzu Sento have?

Isuzu Sento has exceptional marksmanship skills and is adept with firearms. She is also able to summon and control magical creatures called “Elementarios”, which play an important role in the park’s attractions and performances.

What is the relationship between Isuzu Sento and Seiya Kanie?

Isuzu Sento initially has a rather cold and distant relationship with Seiya Kanie, the protagonist of the series. However, as the story progresses, she develops romantic feelings for him. Their relationship evolves into a complex mix of friendship, admiration, and romantic tension.

How does Isuzu Sento contribute to the success of Amagi Brilliant Park?

Isuzu Sento’s strong leadership and dedication are crucial to the success of Amagi Brilliant Park. She ensures the smooth operation of the park, manages its finances, and coordinates various events and attractions. Her skills as an Elementario controller also play an important role in keeping the park’s visitors enthralled.

Does Isuzu Sento have a backstory?

Yes, Isuzu Sento has a backstory that will be revealed throughout the series. Without giving away too many spoilers, her past is intertwined with the fate of Amagi Brilliant Park itself, and holds secrets that contribute to the overall plot and character development.