Seiichirou Kitano

Original Name 北野 誠一郎
Romaji Name Kitano Seiichirou
Nicknames N/A
Series Angel Densetsu
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Seiichirou Kitano of “Angel Densetsu”: A closer look

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Seiichirou Kitano, the main protagonist of the “Angel Densetsu” series, has a unique and contrasting personality. Despite having a face that inspires fear and despair in others, Seiichirou is actually a kind-hearted and gentle individual. His actions are driven by genuine concern and compassion for those around him. However, due to his intimidating appearance, his well-intentioned gestures often frighten and confuse those who encounter him. Seiichirou has grown accustomed to being mistreated and physically attacked for no reason, which has developed his speed, reflexes, and ability to absorb powerful blows. Despite his lack of martial arts skills and aversion to violence, this unexpected ability alone is enough to deter skilled fighters from engaging in combat, making him virtually unbeatable.


Seiichirou Kitano’s background in “Angel Densetsu” is not extensively explored. However, it is implied that he has faced considerable hardships due to the negative perception of his terrifying appearance. The series focuses more on his present interactions and the challenges he faces as a result of his misunderstood nature. Seiichirou’s upbringing and family background are not prominently featured, but his resilience and kind-hearted nature suggest that he developed these qualities through personal experience and inner strength.


Seiichirou Kitano’s appearance in “Angel Densetsu” is a central aspect of his character. Despite his inner kindness, his face strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it. The series portrays him with sharp, menacing eyes and a rugged, intimidating countenance. This stark contrast between his terrifying exterior and his true nature creates a unique and intriguing character dynamic that drives much of the story’s conflict and humor.


Although Seiichirou Kitano has no formal martial arts training, he has developed exceptional speed, reflexes, and the ability to absorb powerful blows. His years of enduring physical attacks without retaliation have honed his defensive skills to a remarkable degree. Though he prefers peaceful solutions and abhors violence, his natural talent for dodging and neutralizing attacks often leads to unintended consequences for his opponents. Seiichirou’s unconventional fighting style, coupled with his intimidating appearance, makes him an enigmatic and formidable presence.


The origin of Seiichirou Kitano’s terrifying appearance is not explicitly revealed in “Angel Densetsu”. However, it is implied that his features are the result of genetics or a unique condition. The series primarily focuses on exploring the effects of his appearance on his interactions with others and the misunderstandings it causes. Seiichirou’s origin story serves as a backdrop for his personal growth and the challenges he faces in a world that judges him based on his appearance rather than his true character.

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Seiichirou Kitano – FAQ

FAQ about Seiichirou Kitano from “Angel Densetsu

Who is Seiichirou Kitano?
Seiichirou Kitano is the main protagonist of the manga series “Angel Densetsu” created by Norihiro Yagi. He is a high school student who has a frighteningly ugly appearance, but despite his appearance, he is an incredibly kind-hearted and gentle person.
What are Seiichirou Kitano’s special skills or abilities?
Seiichirou Kitano doesn’t have any special abilities or skills. However, he has an unwavering sense of justice and an incredible capacity for empathy and understanding. He often inadvertently intimidates others because of his appearance, but he never resorts to violence and always tries to resolve conflicts peacefully.
How does Seiichirou Kitano’s physical appearance affect his interactions with others?
Seiichirou Kitano’s appearance has a significant effect on his interactions with others. People often misjudge him based on his appearance and assume that he is a dangerous criminal or a bully. This leads to many misunderstandings and conflicts as people are initially afraid of him. However, those who get to know him realize that he is the complete opposite of their initial assumptions.
Does Seiichirou Kitano have friends?
Yes, Seiichirou Kitano manages to make several friends over the course of the series. His kind and compassionate nature eventually attracts people who see beyond his appearance and recognize his true character. These friends support and stand by him, helping to dispel the misconceptions others have about him.
What are the challenges Seiichirou Kitano faces?
Seiichirou Kitano faces several challenges throughout the series because of his appearance. He constantly has to deal with misunderstanding, prejudice and discrimination from his peers and even some teachers. He also becomes the target of bullies who try to take advantage of his perceived weakness. Despite these challenges, Seiichirou remains determined to stay true to himself and overcome adversity.
Does Seiichirou Kitano’s life change over the course of the series?
Yes, Seiichirou Kitano’s life undergoes significant changes as the story progresses. Through his interactions with others and his unwavering kindness, he gradually influences those around him, helping them to overcome their own prejudices and misconceptions. He also grows personally, becoming more confident in himself and his abilities as he learns to overcome the challenges he faces.