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Tomoya Mashiro

Original Name (Japanese): 真白 友弥 Romanized Name (Romaji): Mashiro Tomoya Nicknames: Tomo, Tomocchi Series: Kawaii Complex Age: 17 Weight: 58 kg Height: 172 cm Date of Birth: April 22 Blood Type: B Personality Tomoya Mashiro is described as an ordinary boy who grew up in an average family. He is a pushover and does not […]

Souya Azashiro

Original Name (Japanese): 痣城 宗谷 Romaji Name: Azashiro Sōya Nicknames: Kenpachi Azashiro Series: Bleach: Spirits Are Forever with You Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Souya Azashiro is portrayed as a ruthless and power-hungry individual. He is described as treacherous, having betrayed the Soul Society. Azashiro is […]

Mitsuru Tenma

Original Name: 天満 光 Romaji Name: Tenma Mitsuru Nicknames: Mitsuruchin Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 15 Weight: Not specified Height: Not specified Date of Birth: September 7 Blood Type: Not specified Unit: Ra✽bits Club: Track & Field Club Mitsuru Tenma – Character Profile Personality Mitsuru is described as cheerful, energetic, carefree, and oblivious. He is always […]

Kurou Kiryuu

Original Name (Japanese): 鬼龍 紅郎 Romaji Name: Kiryuu Kurou Nicknames: (Moonlight’s Red Wolf) Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 18 Weight: Not specified Height: Not specified Date of Birth: January 26 Blood Type: Not specified Unit: AKATSUKI Club: Karate Club Personality Kurou Kiryuu is described as having a fearsome appearance and immense physical strength, but he values […]

Madara Mikejima

Original Name (Japanese): 三毛縞 斑 Romaji Name: Mikejima Madara Nicknames: MaMa, Mama Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 17-18 Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: May 16th Blood Type: Unknown Club: Track & Field Club (Captain) Unit: MaM (solo unit) Personality Madara Mikejima is a reckless and lively character from the Ensemble Stars! series. He has […]

Jun Sazanami

Original Name (Japanese): 漣 ジュン Romaji Name: Sazanami Jun Nicknames: None listed Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 17-18 Height: 173 cm Weight: 61 kg Date of Birth: August 16 (Leo) Blood Type: O Handedness: Right-handed Family: Parents Clubs/Units: Cosmic Production’s Eve and Eden Personality Jun Sazanami is described as having a calm and polite demeanor, especially […]

Midori Takamine

Original Name (Japanese): 高峯 翠 Romaji Name: Takamine Midori Nicknames: N/A Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 16 Weight: N/A Height: Tall (specific height not provided) Date of Birth: N/A Blood Type: N/A Unit: RYUSEITAI Club: Basketball Club Personality Despite his tall stature and good looks, Midori Takamine is a shy and timid young man. He often […]

Shinobu Sengoku

Original Name (Japanese) 仙石 忍 Romaji Name Sengoku Shinobu Nicknames RYUSEI Yellow Series Ensemble Stars! Age 15 Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth June 9 Blood Type Unknown Club Ninja Association Unit RYUSEITAI Personality Shinobu Sengoku is an ambitious but simple-minded and gullible teenager. He has a shy personality and a strong admiration for […]

Hokuto Hidaka

Japanese Name 氷鷹 北斗 Romaji Name Hokuto Hidaka Nicknames Hokke Series Ensemble Stars! Age 16 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth December 17 Blood Type N/A Hokuto Hidaka from “Ensemble Stars! – An energetic and talented idol Personality Hokuto Hidaka is known for his calm, cool, and collected demeanor. He is a hardworking perfectionist […]

Souma Kanzaki

Japanese Name: 神崎 颯馬 Romaji Name: Kanzaki Souma Nicknames: Zaki-san Series: Ensemble Stars! Age: 16 Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: April 20 Blood Type: Unknown Personality Souma Kanzaki, a character from “Ensemble Stars!”, is known for his serious and rigid nature. He tends to jump to conclusions and is quick to draw his […]