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Original Name (Japanese): 亢宿 Romanized Name: Amiboshi Nicknames: Koutoku Bu, 武 亢德, Chiriko Series: Fushigi Yuugi Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Amiboshi is described as a gentle, thoughtful, and honest individual. He is calm and caring, often using his musical talents on the flute to bring […]

Yui Hongo

Original Name (Japanese) 本郷 唯 Romaji Name Hongō Yui Nicknames Priestess of Seiryuu Series Fushigi Yuugi Age 15 Weight 45 kg Height 160 cm Date of Birth October 26 Blood Type A Personality Yui Hongo is an intelligent and mature tenth grade student who is the best friend of Miaka Yuuki. She is a passionate […]


Original Name (Japanese): 呉 鏐侯 (Gi Ayuru) Romanized Name: Gi Ayuru Nicknames: Nakago Series: Fushigi Yuugi Age: 25 Weight: 74 kg Height: 183 cm Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Nakago is portrayed as a ruthless and charismatic individual. He is willing to eliminate those whose usefulness to him has outlived their usefulness, […]


Original Name (Japanese): クリム Romaji Name: Kurimu Nicknames: None Series: .hack//Sign, .hack//Gift, .hack//Unison Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Crim (.hack//Sign) Personality Crim is described as a friendly, easy-going, and outgoing individual. He prefers to keep his real-world identity separate from his in-game persona. His stated goal in […]


Original Name 井宿 Romaji Name Chichiri Nicknames None Series Fushigi Yuugi Age 24 Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Chichiri of “Fushigi Yuugi”: A closer look at a beloved character Personality Chichiri, also known as Houjun Ri, is a major character in the anime and manga series “Fushigi Yuugi”. He […]

Jiwon Ahn

Original Name 안 지원 Romaji Name Jiwon Ahn Nicknames BJ Alex, Alex, Jiwon Sunbae, Jiwon Hyung Series BJ Alex Age 25 Weight N/A Height 185 cm Date of Birth April 10 Blood Type N/A Jiwon Ahn from “BJ Alex”: A closer look at the character Personality Jiwon Ahn, also known as BJ Alex, is a […]


Original Name 朱 星宿 Romaji Name Hotohori Nicknames Seishuku Shu, Emperor Cai Pi, Saihitei Series Fushigi Yuugi Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height Not specified Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type Not specified Hotohori from “Fushigi Yuugi”: A closer look at the Emperor of Konan Personality Hotohori, also known as Seishuku Shu or […]

Miaka Yuuki

Original Name 夕城 美朱 Romaji Name Yuuki Miaka Nicknames Priestess of Suzaku, Suzaku no Miko Series Fushigi Yuugi Age 15 Weight 48 kg Height 158 cm (5’2 1/2″) Date of Birth May 12, 1977 Blood Type B Miaka Yuuki The protagonist of “Fushigi Yuugi”. Personality Miaka Yuuki, the main protagonist of the anime and manga […]


Original Name 柳宿; 迢 柳娟 Romaji Name Nuriko Ryuuen Chou, Korin Nicknames Nuriko, Kourin Series Fushigi Yuugi Age 18 years old Weight Not available Height Not available Date of Birth Not available Blood Type Not available Nuriko from “Fushigi Yuugi”: A fascinating character Personality Nuriko, also known as Ryuuen Chou or Korin, is a complex […]


Original Name 鬼宿 Romaji Name Tamahome Nicknames Kishuku Sou, Tama, Taka, Xong Gui Siu Series Fushigi Yuugi Age 17 (at the beginning of the story) Weight Unknown Height 180 cm (5’11”) Date of Birth June 28 Blood Type O Qualities Hard working, greedy, caring, strong, compassionate, loyal, funny, determined, courageous Abilities Martial Arts, Chii Blasts […]