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Hinata Hiramitsu

Original Name (Japanese): 平光 ひなた Romaji Name: Hiramitsu Hinata Nicknames: Cure Sparkle Series: Healin’ Good♥Pretty Cure Age: 13 Weight: 45 kg Height: 155 cm Date of Birth: September 8 Blood Type: A Personality Hinata Hiramitsu is a bright and energetic second year middle school student who is very friendly. She is rather blunt and always […]

Koharu Fujimura

Original Name (Japanese): 藤村 小春 Romaji Name: Fujimura Koharu Nicknames: – Series: Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa Age: 15 Weight: – Height: 162 cm Date of Birth: March 9 Blood Type: O Class: 1-1 Personality Koharu Fujimura is described as a cheerful and outgoing character. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she begins to develop […]