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Original Name (Japanese): 柳也 Romanized Name: Ryuuya Nicknames: None Series: Air Age: Unknown Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Personality Ryuuya is described as a skilled but low-ranking samurai who is in charge of protecting Kanna. He quickly befriended Kanna and they eventually fell in love. After Kanna was cursed […]

Haruhiko Yoshino

Original Name (Japanese) 吉野 晴彦 Name (Romaji) Yoshino Haruhiko Nicknames “Mad Dog” Yoshino Series Rewrite Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Personality Haruhiko Yoshino is a self-proclaimed “mad dog” delinquent, though he does not actually cause much trouble for others. He has a Chuunibyou-like identification as a lone […]

Haruko Kamio

Original Name (Japanese): 神尾 晴子 Romaji Name: Kamio Haruko Nicknames: N/A Series: Air Age: Unknown Weight: 48kg Height: 168cm Date of Birth: November 3 Blood Type: N/A Relations: Misuzu Kamio (niece, foster daughter then adopted) Likes: alcohol, motorbikes Personality Haruko Kamio is described as a drunken, loud and outgoing woman who often insults or pressures […]

Sasami Sasasegawa

Japanese Name 笹瀬川佐々美 Romaji Name Sasasegawa Sasami Nicknames Sa-chan, Sasamin Series Little Busters! Age N/A (Varies based on story progression) Weight 43 kg Height 154 cm Date of Birth N/A (Not specified) Blood Type N/A (Not specified) Sasami Sasasegawa from “Little Busters! Personality Sasami Sasasegawa, a character from the visual novel and anime series “Little […]

Kanata Futaki

Original Name 二木 佳奈多 Romaji Name Futaki Kanata Nicknames Series Little Busters! Age Unknown Weight 47 kg Height 163 cm Date of Birth October 13 Blood Type Unknown Kanata Futaki of “Little Busters! – A closer look Personality Kanata Futaki, a character from the popular anime and visual novel series “Little Busters!”, is known for […]

Yusuke Yoshino

Japanese Name 芳野祐介 Romaji Name Yoshino Yusuke Nicknames None Series Clannad Age Varies depending on the series Weight Varies depending on the series Height Varies depending on the series Date of Birth Varies depending on the series Blood Type Varies depending on the series Yusuke Yoshino from “Clannad Movie A Closer Look Personality Yusuke Yoshino, […]

Minagi Toono

Japanese Name 遠野 美凪 Romaji Name Minagi Toono Nicknames None Series Air Age 15 Weight 48 kg Height 169 cm Date of Birth December 22 Blood Type A Personality Minagi Toono, a character from the anime series “Air”, is portrayed as a smart and hardworking student. She excels in all of her classes and is […]

Katsuki Shima

Original Name 志麻賀津紀 Romaji Name Shima Katsuki Nicknames None Series Clannad: After Story Age Varies (as a cat) Weight Varies (as a cat) Height Varies (as a cat) Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Personality Katsuki Shima, a character from Clannad: After Story”, has a gentle and compassionate personality. He is portrayed as a […]

Yuuji Fukunaga

Japanese Name 福永 ユウジ Romaji Name Yuuji Fukunaga Nicknames – Series Liar Game Age – Weight – Height – Date of Birth – Blood Type – Yuuji Fukunaga of “Liar Game”: A complex character with fascinating traits Personality Yuuji Fukunaga, a character from the manga and anime series “Liar Game,” has a complex and intriguing […]

Mei Sunohara

Original Name 春原 芽衣 Romaji Name Mei Sunohara Nicknames None Series Clannad Age Not specified Weight 42 kg Height 152 cm Date of Birth June 11, 1989 Blood Type A Personality Mei Sunohara, a character from the anime and visual novel series “Clannad,” has a distinctive personality that sets her apart from others. She is […]