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Haruhiko Yoshino

Original Name (Japanese) 吉野 晴彦 Name (Romaji) Yoshino Haruhiko Nicknames “Mad Dog” Yoshino Series Rewrite Age Unknown Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth Unknown Blood Type Unknown Personality Haruhiko Yoshino is a self-proclaimed “mad dog” delinquent, though he does not actually cause much trouble for others. He has a Chuunibyou-like identification as a lone […]

Akane Senri

Japanese Name 千里 朱音 Romaji Name Senri Akane Nicknames School Witch, Den of the Underworld Series Rewrite Age 18 Weight 47 kg Height 160 cm Date of Birth February 17 Blood Type Unknown Akane Senri from “Rewrite”: A deep dive into her character Personality Akane Senri, a prominent character in the visual novel and anime […]


Original Name 篝 Romaji Name Kagari Nicknames Key, Creamy☆Kagarin, Kagari Miracle Series Rewrite Age Not specified Weight Not specified Height Not specified Date of Birth Not specified Blood Type Not specified Kagari from “Rewrite Personality Kagari, the main heroine of the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite,” has a mysterious and enigmatic personality. Throughout the […]

Lucia Konohana

Original Name 此花 ルチア Romaji Name Lucia Konohana Nicknames Class Rep Series Rewrite Age N/A Weight 52 kg Height 167 cm Date of Birth December 23 Blood Type N/A Personality Lucia Konohana, a character from the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite”, has a strong sense of responsibility and justice. As the class representative of […]

Ren Ichinose

Japanese Name 一ノ瀬蓮 Romaji Name Ichinose Ren Nicknames (None provided) Series Strobe Edge Age (Unknown) Weight 63 kg Height 179 cm Date of Birth October 26 Blood Type AB Ren Ichinose – A Closer Look at the Protagonist of “Strobe Edge Personality Ren Ichinose, the main male protagonist of the “Strobe Edge” manga series, possesses […]

Kotori Kanbe

Original Name 神戸 小鳥 Romaji Name Kanbe Kotori Nicknames None Series Rewrite Age Not specified Weight 44 kg Height 156 cm Date of Birth July 26 Blood Type Not specified Personality Kotori Kanbe, a character from the visual novel and anime series “Rewrite,” has a bubbly and cheerful personality. She finds joy in the simple […]

Kotarou Tennouji

Original Name (Japanese): 天王寺 瑚太朗 Romanized Name: Tennouji Kotarou Nicknames: Suzuki Bondo, Kota-san Series: Rewrite Age: High school student Weight: 65kg Height: 176cm Date of Birth: May 2 Blood Type: Unknown Personality Kotarou Tennouji is the protagonist of the visual novel series Rewrite. He is described as having a frivolous and arrogant personality. Although he […]