Remon Yamano

Original Name 山乃 檸檬
Romaji Name Yamano Remon
Nicknames Lemon
Series Ano Natsu de Matteru
Age 17
Weight 33 kg
Height 139 cm (4’5″)
Date of Birth March 12
Blood Type O

Remon Yamano of “Ano Natsu de Matteru A Closer Look

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Remon Yamano, also known as “Lemon”, is a fascinating character from the anime series “Ano Natsu de Matteru”. Despite her petite appearance, Remon has a distinctive voice and a mischievous attitude. She is generally cold to people, but forms an unexpected friendship with Ichika, one of the main characters. Remon has a sarcastic and somewhat devious nature, and is often seen laughing with an “uhuhu” sound. However, underneath her aloof exterior, she is almost always seen smiling, and she truly considers Ichika to be her best friend.


Remon Yamano is a third year high school student, and not much is known about her background. It is hinted that she might be older than she claims, as she once mentioned that she is forever 17. There is also a hint that she might have been a former classmate of Tetsurou’s older sister, Minami Ogura. In episode 12 of the series, it is revealed that Remon is actually a high-ranking agent of the Japanese branch of the secret organization “Men in Black”.


Despite her diminutive stature, Remon Yamano leaves a lasting impression with her unique appearance. Standing at 139 cm (4’5″) and weighing 33 kg, she is significantly shorter and lighter than her peers. Remon’s petite frame adds to her charm and makes her easily recognizable. She has long, flowing hair and is often seen wearing her school uniform, which she wears with elegance and confidence.


Remon Yamano has a few notable skills that contribute to her fascinating character. She is adept at picking locks, demonstrating her dexterity and resourcefulness. Remon also has a talent for filmmaking and screenwriting. In the series, she becomes the writer for the group’s film project, impressing everyone with her creativity and storytelling skills.


Remon Yamano is from the anime series “Ano Natsu de Matteru”. Her character is a central figure in the story, and her interactions with the other characters drive the plot forward. While not much is revealed about her past, her enigmatic personality and unexpected role as a Men in Black agent provide an intriguing twist to the narrative.

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Remon Yamano – FAQ

Who is Remon Yamano in “Ano Natsu de Matteru”?

Remon Yamano is one of the main characters in the anime series “Ano Natsu de Matteru”. She is a mysterious and mischievous girl who joins Kaito Kirishima’s class. Despite her young appearance, she has a mature and cunning personality.

What is Remon Yamano’s role in the story?

Remon Yamano serves as a catalyst for the events in “Ano Natsu de Matteru”. She is the one who suggests and orchestrates the creation of a movie by the main characters, which becomes the central focus of the story. Remon’s actions and manipulations often drive the plot forward and influence the relationships between the other characters.

What are some of Remon Yamano’s notable characteristics?

Remon Yamano is known for her petite stature and looks like a young girl, although she is older than she appears. She often wears a maid’s costume and carries a camera. Remon is extremely intelligent, resourceful, and mischievous. She enjoys teasing and manipulating others for her own amusement.

Is Remon Yamano human or something else?

Remon Yamano’s true nature is somewhat ambiguous and is gradually revealed throughout the series. While she appears to be human, it is later revealed that she is an alien being called a “Time Researcher”. Her true purpose and abilities are tied to her role as an observer of human behavior and emotions.

What is Remon Yamano’s relationship to the other characters?

Remon Yamano interacts with the main characters of “Ano Natsu de Matteru” in various ways. She often acts as a mentor or guide, urging them to confront their feelings and desires. Remon has a particularly close relationship with Ichika Takatsuki, the female protagonist, helping her deal with her emotions and her relationship with Kaito Kirishima.

Does Remon Yamano have any special skills?

As a Time Researcher, Remon Yamano possesses advanced knowledge and technology that allows her to manipulate time and space to a certain extent. She has the ability to observe and record human emotions and interactions. While her abilities are not explicitly shown in the series, her role as an observer and orchestrator of events suggests her unique abilities.