Reiko Mikami

Original Name (Japanese): 三神 怜子
Romaji Name: Mikami Reiko
Nicknames: Ms. Mikami
Series: Another
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Reiko Mikami is Kouichi Sakakibara’s maternal aunt. As his aunt, she acts as a caring and supportive figure, giving him advice on how to deal with the supernatural occurrences at Yomiyama North Middle School. She maintains a professional demeanor as a teacher at the school, with Kouichi addressing her as “Ms. Mikami” during school hours. Reiko is revealed to be the “extra” or “dead” student, meaning that she was secretly murdered about a year and a half before the deadly phenomena began in the classroom.


Reiko Mikami was a teacher at Yomiyama North Middle School, teaching the 3-3 class alongside the homeroom teacher. She was also the vice homeroom teacher. Reiko lived with her nephew Kouichi after he moved to Yomiyama to attend the school.

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Reiko has long, dark red hair and green eyes. She is described as a beautiful woman. At school, she wears formal attire, such as a skirt and blazer, while at home she dresses more casually.


As a teacher, Reiko demonstrates her ability to maintain order and provide guidance to her students. She is also knowledgeable about the supernatural happenings in Yomiyama and shares this information with Kouichi to help him understand the situation.


Reiko Mikami is a character from the horror anime/light novel series “Another”. She plays an important role in the story as Kouichi’s aunt and a key figure in the cursed history of the class.

Reiko Mikami – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Reiko Mikami from the anime “Another”:

Who is Reiko Mikami?

Reiko Mikami is one of the main characters of the anime “Another”. She is a young girl who attends Yomiyama North Middle School and is a member of class 3-3, the cursed class. Reiko is known for her mysterious and withdrawn personality, as well as her apparent connection to the supernatural events that occur in the series.

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What is Reiko’s role in the plot of “Another”?

Reiko is a central figure in the unfolding mystery of the “curse” that plagues Class 3-3 in “Another”. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Reiko has a deep connection to the supernatural forces at work and may hold the key to understanding and possibly breaking the curse.

What is Reiko’s relationship to the other characters?

Reiko is portrayed as a loner who keeps to herself for the most part. She has a strained relationship with her classmates, who often view her as strange or even threatening due to her aloof behavior. However, Reiko develops a close bond with the main protagonist, Kouichi Sakakibara, as they work together to unravel the mysteries surrounding the class.

What is Reiko’s backstory?

Reiko’s backstory is gradually revealed throughout the series. It is implied that she has a deep connection to the tragic past of the class, and that she may have been involved in or affected by the events that led to the class being cursed. Her family history and personal experiences are also important factors in understanding her role in the story.

What are Reiko’s psychic abilities or connections?

It is strongly implied that Reiko possesses some form of supernatural ability or connection that is central to the curse affecting Class 3-3. Her knowledge of the curse and her apparent ability to sense or interact with the supernatural forces at work make her a key player in the events of the series.

How does Reiko’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the anime, Reiko’s character undergoes significant development. She begins as a mysterious and withdrawn figure, but as the story progresses, her motivations, fears, and deeper personality traits are gradually revealed. Her relationship with Kouichi also plays a role in her character development and the exploration of her complex role in the events of “Another”.