Hana Ichijou

Japanese Name 一条 花
Romaji Name Ichijou Hana
Nicknames None
Series Ao Ashi
Age First-year high school student
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Hana Ichijou from “Ao Ashi”: A closer look at her character

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Hana Ichijou, a character from the series “Ao Ashi,” has a vibrant and determined personality. As a first-year high school student at the Tokyo City Esperion School Division, Hana is shown to be passionate about soccer and has a deep understanding of the sport. She has a strong sense of dedication and perseverance, and is always striving to improve her skills on the field. Hana’s unwavering commitment to soccer is complemented by her caring and supportive nature toward her teammates and friends.


Hana Ichijou’s background is intertwined with that of her stepbrother, Tatsuya Fukuda. While the exact details of her family background are not fully explored, it is revealed that she is Tatsuya’s younger step-sister. This familial connection adds an interesting dynamic to her character, and their relationship likely plays a significant role in shaping Hana’s involvement in the world of soccer.


In terms of appearance, Hana Ichijou is portrayed as a youthful and energetic character. Her design features a charming and lively demeanor that reflects her enthusiasm for the sport of soccer. Hana’s character design depicts her as a freshman in high school, which fits seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the series.


Hana’s skills on the soccer field are remarkable. While specific details about her playing style and position may vary, she is considered a skilled player and an asset to her team. Hana’s deep knowledge of nutrition, as she aspires to become a sports surgeon, is also shown as she uses her expertise to create meal plans for the players, especially the protagonist Ashito.


Hana Ichijou is from the manga and anime series “Ao Ashi”. Created by Yūgo Kobayashi, “Ao Ashi” follows the story of Ashito Aoi, a high school student who joins his school’s soccer club with the goal of becoming a professional player. Hana plays an important role in Ashito’s journey, providing support, guidance and a source of inspiration. Her character adds depth and emotional connection to the narrative, contributing to the overall development of the story.

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Hana Ichijou – FAQ

Who is Hana Ichijou?

Hana Ichijou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Ao Ashi”. She is one of the main protagonists and a talented soccer player.

What is Hana Ichijou’s role in “Ao Ashi”?

Hana Ichijou is a striker for the Kanagawa High School soccer team in Ao Ashi. She is known for her exceptional speed, agility, and goal-scoring ability.

What are Hana Ichijou’s personality traits?

Hana Ichijou is portrayed as determined, passionate, and hardworking. She is very dedicated to soccer and strives to be the best player she can be. Hana is also supportive of her teammates, often encouraging and motivating them.

What are Hana Ichijou’s strengths as a soccer player?

Hana Ichijou’s main strengths as a soccer player are her speed, agility, and goal-scoring ability. She is known for her exceptional dribbling skills and can maneuver past defenders with ease. Her speed allows her to make quick runs and create scoring opportunities for her team.

Does Hana Ichijou face any challenges in Ao Ashi?

Yes, Hana Ichijou faces several challenges throughout the series. She deals with the expectations placed on her as a talented player and the pressure to perform consistently. She also encounters tough opponents and situations that test her skills and determination.

Does Hana Ichijou have any significant relationships in “Ao Ashi”?

Hana Ichijou has a close friendship with her teammate Tatsuya Fukuda. They support each other and push each other to become better players. Hana also develops a rivalry with other skilled players, which adds depth to their relationships on the soccer field.