Tatsuya Fukuda

Original Name 福田達也
Romaji Name Fukuda Tatsuya
Nicknames N/A
Series Ao Ashi
Age Varies depending on the timeline in the series
Weight N/A
Height 176 cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The inspirational coach of “Ao Ashi


Tatsuya Fukuda, a character from the popular anime and manga series “Ao Ashi,” is portrayed as a dedicated and passionate individual. As the coach of the Tokyo City Esperion FC youth soccer team, Fukuda exudes a strong sense of leadership and determination. He has a deep love for the sport of soccer, and his unwavering commitment to developing young talent is evident in his coaching style.


Fukuda’s background reveals a rich history in professional soccer. As a former professional soccer player himself, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his coaching role. Having transitioned from player to coach, Fukuda understands the challenges and demands of the sport, allowing him to connect with his players on a personal level.


In terms of appearance, Tatsuya Fukuda is portrayed as a mature and distinguished individual. With his well-groomed hair and serious expression, he exudes a sense of authority and experience. Fukuda’s physical stature is average, standing at an estimated height of 176 cm, which further emphasizes his focus on the mental and strategic aspects of the game.


While Fukuda’s primary role with Ao Ashi is as a coach, his skills as a mentor and motivator are second to none. He has a deep understanding of the game and uses a variety of coaching techniques to bring out the best in his players. Fukuda’s ability to analyze games, develop effective strategies, and adapt to different situations makes him a remarkable coach. His commitment to excellence and his unwavering belief in the potential of his players make him an invaluable asset to the team.

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Tatsuya Fukuda’s origin is in the fictional world of “Ao Ashi”. As a character created for the series, his journey as a coach and mentor unfolds within the context of the story. However, it is worth noting that his portrayal reflects the characteristics and experiences commonly associated with real-life soccer coaches. The challenges he faces and the impact he has on the lives of his players resonate with the broader themes of dedication, teamwork, and personal growth.

Tatsuya Fukuda – FAQ

Who is Tatsuya Fukuda?

Tatsuya Fukuda is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Ao Ashi” (Blue Lock). He is one of the main protagonists of the story.

What is Tatsuya Fukuda’s role in “Ao Ashi”?

Tatsuya Fukuda is a talented young soccer player who plays as a striker. He is selected as one of the members of the Blue Lock program, which aims to create the ultimate striker for the Japanese national team.

What are Tatsuya Fukuda’s special characteristics?

Tatsuya Fukuda is known for his incredible speed, agility, and technique on the soccer field. He has exceptional dribbling skills and a natural talent for scoring goals.

What are Tatsuya Fukuda’s goals in Ao Ashi?

Tatsuya Fukuda’s main goal is to become the best striker in Japan. He wants to prove his skills and earn a spot on the national team. He also wants to inspire and motivate his teammates to reach their full potential.

Does Tatsuya Fukuda face any challenges in “Ao Ashi”?

Yes, Tatsuya Fukuda faces many challenges throughout the series. He faces fierce competition from other talented players in the Blue Lock program. He also deals with personal doubts and struggles to balance his ambition with teamwork.

Does Tatsuya Fukuda have any significant relationships in Ao Ashi?

Tatsuya Fukuda forms strong bonds with his teammates in the Blue Lock program. He develops a strong friendship and rivalry with other characters, such as Isagi Yoichi and Bachira Barak, as they compete and grow together in their quest to become top strikers.

Is Tatsuya Fukuda a relatable character?

Many readers and viewers find Tatsuya Fukuda relatable because of his determination, passion and struggles. His journey to overcome challenges and achieve his goals resonates with people who have faced obstacles in their own pursuits.