Chinatsu Kano

Japanese Name 鹿野 千夏
Romaji Name Chinatsu Kano
Nicknames Chii
Series Ao no Hako
Age 17 (16 prior to chapter 45)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth August 26th
Blood Type N/A

Chinatsu Kano of “Ao no Hako”: A closer look at the main character

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Chinatsu Kano, also known as Chii, is a sophomore at Eimei Senior High School and a member of the girls’ basketball team in the “Ao no Hako” series. She is known for her friendly personality and her athletic prowess, which has made her one of the most popular students among her peers. Although Chinatsu appears to be laid-back, she is secretly competitive. She often arrives at the gym earlier than her teammate, Taiki Inomata. Chinatsu’s mischievous side is shown when she startles Taiki by appearing out of nowhere, which has become her own little way of teasing him.


Due to her parents’ overseas work assignment, Chinatsu’s mother sends her to live with the Inomata family. This arrangement is made possible because Taiki’s mother and Chinatsu’s mother were once teammates in high school. This background gives Chinatsu and Taiki the opportunity to develop a closer relationship.


Chinatsu has short brown hair and brown eyes. At school, she wears the standard girl’s uniform. However, she often chooses to wear a hoodie, which gives her a more casual and athletic look.


Chinatsu’s most notable skill is her talent for basketball. As a member of the girls’ basketball team, she showcases her skills and contributes to the team’s success. Her dedication to the sport is evident as she often arrives early for practice, demonstrating her commitment to improving her skills.


Chinatsu Kano is a fictional character created for the series “Ao no Hako”. The character’s development and story are part of the narrative created by the author and illustrator of the series.

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Chinatsu Kano – FAQ

FAQ about Chinatsu Kano from “Ao no Hako

1. Who is Chinatsu Kano from “Ao no Hako”?
Chinatsu Kano is a fictional character in the novel and anime series “Ao no Hako” (also known as “The Blue Box”). She is one of the main characters in the story.

  1. What is Chinatsu Kano’s role in “Ao no Hako”?
    Chinatsu Kano is a high school student and a talented tennis player. She is a classmate of the protagonist, Taiki Kudo, and plays an important role in the development of the story.
  2. What are Chinatsu Kano’s personality traits?
    Chinatsu Kano is portrayed as a determined and competitive individual. She is passionate about tennis and strives to become the best player she can be. She is also shown to be kindhearted and supportive of her friends.
  3. Does Chinatsu Kano have any special skills or abilities?
    Chinatsu Kano’s main skill is her exceptional talent at playing tennis. She has a remarkable technique and a strategic mind when it comes to the game.
  4. Is there a romantic relationship between Chinatsu Kano and Taiki Kudo?
    In “Ao no Hako,” there is a subtle romantic undertone between Chinatsu Kano and Taiki Kudo. Their relationship develops throughout the story, and their interactions hint at a possible romantic connection.
  5. Will Chinatsu Kano face any challenges or obstacles?
    Yes, Chinatsu Kano faces several challenges and obstacles in “Ao no Hako”. These challenges mainly revolve around her personal growth as a tennis player and the pressure she faces to succeed in the sport.
  6. Is Chinatsu Kano a popular character in “Ao no Hako”?
    Chinatsu Kano is generally liked by the fans of “Ao no Hako”. Her determined and compassionate nature resonates with many viewers, making her a popular and relatable character.
  7. Are there any major plot twists or surprises involving Chinatsu Kano?
    To avoid spoilers, it’s best to experience the story firsthand. However, it’s worth mentioning that Chinatsu Kano’s character arc in “Ao no Hako” undergoes several intriguing twists and surprises, adding depth to the overall narrative.