Youzou Ooba

Japanese Name 大庭 葉蔵
Romaji Name Ooba Youzou
Nicknames None
Series Aoi Bungaku Series
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Youzou Ooba from the “Aoi Bungaku” series

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Youzou Ooba, a character from the Aoi Bungaku series, has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially seen as spoiled and pampered, he grows up with a deep-seated fear of his father. In rebellion against his upbringing, Youzou turns to art, but eventually abandons it to join the resistance against the Showa government. He is portrayed as a character who constantly runs away and fails at everything he does, leading to a state of depression and melancholy. Youzou’s experiences shape his personality, making him introspective, brooding, and yearning for a sense of purpose and meaning in his life.


Youzou Ooba is the son of a wealthy congressman, giving him a privileged upbringing. However, his affluent background comes with its own set of challenges. Growing up, Youzou develops a deep fear of his father, which influences his actions and choices later in life. Seeking freedom from the constraints of his family, he immerses himself in the world of art before eventually becoming involved in the resistance movement against the Showa government. His background as the son of a prominent figure and the pressures that come with it contribute to his rebellious nature and his desire to find his own path.


Youzou Ooba is depicted as a young man with black hair. Visual representations may vary depending on the adaptation and interpretation of the artist. He carries himself with an air of melancholy, reflecting his inner struggles and the weight of his experiences. While there is no definitive description of his physical appearance, his emotional state and demeanor are often emphasized through artistic portrayal.


Youzou Ooba’s abilities primarily revolve around his artistic talent. He initially turns to art as a means of expression and escape from his troubled life. However, it is important to note that the “Aoi Bungaku Series” is a character-driven narrative that focuses on the psychological aspects of the characters rather than their supernatural or extraordinary abilities. Youzou’s abilities lie in his introspective nature and his ability to reflect on his own experiences and emotions.


Youzou Ooba comes from the “Aoi Bungaku Series”, a collection of literary adaptations of classic Japanese literature. The series is known for its dark and psychological themes, exploring the human condition and the inner struggles of its characters. Youzou’s character is based on the novel “No Longer Human” by Osamu Dazai, which explores themes of alienation, identity, and the search for meaning. The adaptation of this work in the “Aoi Bungaku Series” portrays Youzou’s journey and inner conflicts, offering a unique perspective on his character and experiences.

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Youzou Ooba – FAQ

Who is Youzou Ooba in “Aoi Bungaku Series”?

Youzou Ooba is a fictional character from the “Aoi Bungaku Series”, which is an anime adaptation of several classic Japanese literary works. He appears in the second story arc, “No Longer Human”, based on the novel by Osamu Dazai.

What is Youzou Ooba’s role in “Aoi Bungaku Series”?

Youzou Ooba is one of the main characters in the “No Longer Human” arc. He is a close friend and classmate of the protagonist, Yozo Oba. Youzou plays an important role in Yozo’s life, serving as his confidant and support throughout the story.

How does Youzou Ooba contribute to the plot of the Aoi Bungaku series?

Youzou Ooba’s character contributes to the plot by providing a contrast to the protagonist, Yozo Oba. While Yozo is plagued by a deep sense of alienation and self-destructive tendencies, Youzou represents stability and a more conventional way of life. Youzou’s friendship and unwavering support underscore the stark differences between the two characters.

What are Youzou Ooba’s personality traits?

Youzou Ooba is portrayed as a loyal and dependable friend. He is caring, understanding, and always there for Yozo Oba, even in the face of Yozo’s erratic behavior. Youzou is also shown to be more socially adept and emotionally stable than Yozo, making him a source of stability in Yozo’s turbulent life.

How does Youzou Ooba feel about Yozo Oba?

Youzou Ooba sees Yozo Oba as a troubled individual who struggles to fit into society. Despite Yozo’s flaws and self-destructive tendencies, Youzou sees the good in him and remains a steadfast friend. Youzou’s perception of Yozo is marked by empathy and a desire to help him overcome his inner demons.

Does Youzou Ooba have any character development in the “Aoi Bungaku Series”?

Youzou Ooba’s character development in “Aoi Bungaku Series” is relatively limited, as his primary role is to support the development of the protagonist, Yozo Oba. However, through his interactions with Yozo and their unwavering friendship, Youzou shows the qualities of loyalty and compassion.