Kagura Demuri

Original Name カグラ・デムリ
Romaji Name Kagura Demuri
Nicknames Wild Boy
Series Aquarion Evol
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The wild boy of Aquarion Evol


Kagura Demuri, a prominent character in the anime series Aquarion Evol, has a complex and multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as impulsive, aggressive, and possessive, especially when it comes to Mikono, a female character in the series. Kagura’s behavior can be likened to that of a wolf, and he is driven by an intense desire to claim Mikono as his own, often disregarding authority and venturing out on his own to find her. As his obsession with Mikono grows, so does his tendency to insult and threaten her. However, beneath his fierce and aggressive exterior, Kagura harbors a deep vulnerability and a longing to connect with others.


Kagura is introduced in Aquarion Evol as one of Izumo’s subordinates. He is the man Cayenne, another character in the series, sees with Mikono in a vision of a “wedding in mourning clothes. Kagura’s past and origins are shrouded in mystery, but it becomes clear that he is driven by a powerful instinct to find his “woman,” whom he believes to be Mikono. This longing fuels his actions throughout the series, as he relentlessly pursues her, defying orders and taking risks to be with her.


Kagura’s appearance in Aquarion Evol is striking and distinctive. He has vibrant red hair and short, unkempt locks that add to his wild and untamed aura. With piercing yellow eyes, he exudes an intense and feral gaze that reflects his inner turmoil. Kagura’s overall appearance and attitude bear a resemblance to Apollo, the protagonist of the original Aquarion series, further emphasizing his connection to the franchise.


In addition to his unique personality, Kagura possesses extraordinary abilities that make him a formidable force in the series. He is a skilled mecha pilot and operates the Misla Gnis, his personal mecha, with great skill. Kagura’s sense of smell is exceptionally heightened, allowing him to locate desired individuals and detect the presence of pilots in the Vectors, the series’ advanced mecha units. Furthermore, Kagura is revealed to be an Elementalist with the power of “Reversal”. This ability allows him to reverse damage done to him and even manipulate the blood flow in someone else’s heart. His powers are closely tied to his emotions and desires, which grow stronger as his longing for Mikono grows.

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Kagura’s origins and the circumstances of his existence are gradually revealed throughout Aquarion Evol. While the specifics of his background remain a mystery, it becomes clear that he is deeply connected to the world of Aquarion and its mythology. His appearance and demeanor suggest a deeper connection to the events of the original Aquarion series, particularly to the character of Apollo. As the series progresses, Kagura’s role in the unfolding narrative becomes more significant, contributing to the overarching themes of love, destiny, and the interplay between light and darkness.

Kagura Demuri – FAQ

Who is Kagura Demuri in Aquarion Evol?

Kagura Demuri is one of the main characters in the anime series “Aquarion Evol”. He is a skilled pilot and a member of the organization known as Neo-DEAVA.

What is Kagura’s role in Neo-DEAVA?

Kagura serves as the pilot of the mecha called “Vector Mars” within Neo-DEAVA. He has exceptional combat skills and is known for his aggressive and impulsive nature.

How does Kagura’s personality differ from the other characters in Aquarion Evol?

Kagura is portrayed as a hotheaded and unpredictable character. He often acts on his emotions and can be quite impulsive, which sets him apart from the more level-headed characters in the series.

What is Kagura’s relationship with the female lead, Mikono Suzushiro?

Kagura has a complex and turbulent relationship with Mikono Suzushiro. At times he develops strong feelings for her and tries to protect her, while at other times he becomes possessive and jealous. Their relationship is a major plot point in the series.

Does Kagura have any special skills or powers?

Yes, Kagura has a unique power called “Elemental Power”. This power allows him to manipulate and control various elements, such as fire and lightning, to enhance his fighting skills and abilities in battle.

What are some significant events or moments involving Kagura in “Aquarion Evol”?

Kagura’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series. Some notable events include her encounters with Mikono, her clashes with other characters, and her involvement in pivotal battles that shape the overall plot of Aquarion Evol.