Original Name (Japanese): シスター
Romaji Name: Shisutaa
Nicknames: Sister
Series: Arakawa Under the Bridge
Age: 29
Weight: 92 kg (203 lbs)
Height: 208 cm (6’8″)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Background: Born in England, former mercenary who served in the army


Sister is a strange and mysterious character. He is described as a 29-year-old gun-wielding man who wears a nun’s uniform, earning him the name “Sister” from the village leader. Despite his unusual appearance and behavior, he seems to be in love with the character of Maria. He has a parody-like quality, possibly referring to the character Eda from the Black Lagoon anime.


According to the information provided, Sister was born in England and was apparently a former mercenary who served in the army. His background as a soldier and his current love of firearms contribute to his eccentric personality in the Arakawa Under the Bridge story.

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Sister is a tall individual, standing at 208 cm (6’3″) and weighing 92 kg (203 lbs). He has a distinctive appearance, wearing a nun’s habit despite being a man. This unusual combination of a masculine figure in feminine religious garb is a key part of his unique character design.


The available information does not provide specific details on Sister’s abilities. However, his background as a former mercenary suggests that he likely possesses combat skills and familiarity with firearms, which may play a role in the events of Arakawa Under the Bridge.


Sister’s origins are tied to his birthplace in England and his past as a mercenary. This international background and military experience contribute to the eccentric and mysterious nature of his character in the Arakawa Under the Bridge series.

Sister – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sister from “Arakawa Under the Bridge”:

Who is Sister?

Sister, also known as Nino, is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Arakawa Under the Bridge”. She is a mysterious young woman who lives under the Arakawa Bridge and claims to be an alien.

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What is Sister’s real name?

Sister’s real name is Nino. However, she prefers to be called “Sister” and this is the name by which she is most commonly known throughout the series.

What are Sister’s main personality traits?

Sister is described as eccentric, innocent, and childlike in her behavior. She is very honest and direct in her communication, often taking things very literally. She is also shown to be extremely intelligent and perceptive, despite her strange mannerisms.

What is Sister’s backstory?

Not much is revealed about Sister’s backstory in the series. She claims to be an alien who came to Earth to study humans, though it’s unclear if this is true or just part of her eccentric personality. She is shown to have a strong attachment to the Arakawa Bridge and the community of humans who live there.

What is Sister’s relationship to the other characters?

Sister has close relationships with many of the other characters living under the Arakawa Bridge, including Ric, the series’ main protagonist. She is shown to be particularly fond of Ric and often relies on him for support and guidance. She also forms strong bonds with other eccentric characters such as P-ko and Hoshi.

What is Sister’s role in the overall story?

Sister is a central and integral character in the “Arakawa Under the Bridge” series. Her unique personality and perspective on the world provide much of the comedy and charm of the series, and her relationships with the other characters drive much of the plot. She is a key member of the Bridge People community and plays an important role in Ric’s personal journey throughout the story.