Aria Pokoteng

Original Name アリア・ポコテン
Romaji Name Aria Pokoten
Nicknames President Aria, Aria
Series Aria the Animation
Age Unknown
Weight Plump
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Aria Pokoteng of “Aria the Animation”: A beloved mascot with a charming personality

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Aria Pokoteng, also known as President Aria, is the beloved mascot of the Aria Company in the anime series “Aria the Animation”. A male cat of the Aqua race, Aria possesses a remarkable intelligence equal to that of humans. His cheerful and friendly nature makes him a delightful character to watch. Aria’s love of food is evident, and his love of eating, coupled with the care and attention he receives from Alicia and Akari, has resulted in him being delightfully plump. However, despite his jovial demeanor, Aria also has a crush on President Hime and fears President Maa, who has a tendency to cling to his large stomach.


Aria Pokoteng’s history dates back to when he was a stray cat before being taken in by Granny twenty years ago. Since then, he has become an integral part of the Aria Company as its mascot. Aria’s role as the symbol of the company brings good luck and his presence adds a touch of charm to the story. His long association with the Aria Company has made him an endearing and beloved character among fans of the series.


With his Aqua-breed lineage, Aria stands out with his striking blue eyes. Aqua cats are known to be larger than their Earth counterparts, and have a level of intelligence that allows them to understand human language. Aria’s distinctive appearance, coupled with his round and plump physique, adds to his adorable charm. His design captures the essence of a lovable and cuddly mascot, making him instantly recognizable and appealing to viewers.


While Aria serves primarily as a mascot and symbol of good luck for the Aria Company, his intelligence allows him to understand human speech. This ability adds an element of whimsy and humor to the narrative as Aria interacts with the other characters. Despite his lack of extraordinary powers, Aria’s charisma and endearing personality make him an important presence in the series.


Aria Pokoteng’s origin story comes from the anime series “Aria the Animation”. Created by Kozue Amano, the series revolves around the lives of gondoliers, known as “undines,” in the city of Neo-Venezia. Aria’s role as the mascot of the Aria Company showcases the traditions and customs of the undine companies, where having a blue-eyed cat as a mascot is a custom believed to bring good luck.

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Aria Pokoteng – FAQ

Who is Aria Pokoteng in “Aria the Animation”?

Aria Pokoteng is a character in the anime series “Aria the Animation”. He is a resident of Neo-Venezia, a city on the planet Aqua, and works as a gondolier. Aria is known for his cheerful and friendly personality.

What is Aria Pokoteng’s role in the series?

Aria Pokoteng is one of the supporting characters in “Aria the Animation”. He often appears alongside the main protagonist, Akari Mizunashi, and her friends. Aria’s role is primarily to provide comic relief and add lighthearted moments to the series.

Does Aria Pokoteng have any unique traits or characteristics?

Yes, Aria Pokoteng is easily recognizable by his distinctive appearance. He has a round, chubby body, short limbs, and a constant smile on his face. Aria is also known for his love of food and often indulges in various culinary delights.

What is the relationship between Aria Pokoteng and Akari Mizunashi?

Aria Pokoteng and Akari Mizunashi have a friendly and amicable relationship. Aria is one of Akari’s regular customers, as he often hires her for gondola rides. They often have light-hearted conversations during their encounters, which adds to the overall warmth of the series.

Are there any notable episodes or scenes with Aria Pokoteng?

Although Aria Pokoteng does not play a central role in the series, there are several memorable moments involving him. In one episode, he participates in a gondola race, demonstrating his determination and competitive spirit. In addition, Aria’s comedic interactions with other characters often provide humorous highlights throughout the series.

Does Aria Pokoteng have any character development over the course of the series?

As a supporting character, Aria’s character development is relatively limited. His role mainly revolves around providing comedic relief and contributing to the overall atmosphere of Neo-Venezia. However, his interactions with Akari and other characters subtly show his kind-hearted nature and positive outlook on life.