Japanese Name ユニコーン
Romaji Name Yunikōn
Series Azur Lane
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Unicorn – The beloved character of Azur Lane

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Unicorn, a character from the popular anime and game franchise Azur Lane, is known for her gentle and compassionate nature. She possesses a kind-hearted and innocent personality and displays unwavering loyalty and devotion to her friends and allies. Unicorn often displays a sense of humility and selflessness, always putting the needs of others before her own. Her caring nature and willingness to support those around her make her a beloved character among fans of Azur Lane.


In Azur Lane, Unicorn serves as a supporting character and member of the Royal Navy. She is portrayed as a light aircraft carrier and belongs to the faction known as the Eagle Union. Though not much of her specific backstory is revealed, Unicorn is portrayed as a reliable and dependable comrade who fights alongside her shipmates to protect their world from various threats.


Unicorn’s appearance is captivating and distinctive, capturing the essence of her mythical namesake. She is depicted as a young girl with long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. True to her name, Unicorn has a unique feature in the form of a single spiraling horn protruding from her forehead, adding an element of enchantment to her overall appearance. Her attire consists of a white and blue naval uniform with intricate details and accents that reflect her affiliation with the Royal Navy.


As a light aircraft carrier, the Unicorn has formidable combat capabilities. She is capable of launching and controlling a squadron of aircraft to engage enemies from a distance. Unicorn’s skills and tactics on the battlefield are often described as precise and strategic, demonstrating her prowess as a skilled fighter. In addition, her healing abilities set her apart from other characters, as she can provide support and recovery to her allies, ensuring their well-being during intense combat.


Unicorn’s origin in the Azur Lane universe is tied to real-life naval history and mythology. The Azur Lane franchise draws inspiration from various naval vessels and folklore from different countries. In the case of Unicorn, her character design and abilities are influenced by the concept of mythical unicorns, legendary creatures associated with purity and grace. The inclusion of Unicorn in Azur Lane adds a fantastical element to the game’s narrative and enhances the overall charm of the character roster.

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Unicorn – FAQ

Who is Unicorn in “Azur Lane”?

Unicorn is a character in the popular mobile game “Azur Lane”. She is a Royal Navy light aircraft carrier belonging to the Unicorn class. Unicorn is known for her gentle and shy personality, and she often expresses her gratitude and affection to her commander.

What are Unicorn’s skills and abilities in Azure Lane?

Unicorn has several unique abilities and skills in Azur Lane. Her main skill is Guardian’s Blessing, which increases the damage and evasion of all her allies for a period of time. She also has the ability to launch airstrikes and use powerful aircraft to attack enemies.

How do I get Unicorn in Azure Lane?

Unicorn can be obtained through various in-game methods in Azur Lane. It is often featured in limited-time build events or available as a reward in certain event missions. Players can also acquire them through the game’s gacha system by spending in-game resources or premium currency.

What type of ship is the Unicorn in Azure Lane?

Unicorn is classified as a Light Carrier in Azur Lane. As a carrier, it specializes in launching and controlling aircraft to provide air support and attack enemy targets. Unicorn’s aircraft are capable of inflicting significant damage on both enemy ships and submarines.

Can Unicorn be retrofitted or upgraded in Azure Lane?

Yes, Unicorn has an upgrade option in Azure Lane. By meeting certain upgrade requirements and spending the necessary resources, players can improve Unicorn’s stats, increase her level cap, and unlock additional skills. Upgrading allows players to further enhance and customize Unicorn’s performance in combat.

Can Unicorn form strong synergies with other ships in Azure Lane?

Unicorn has great synergy with certain ships in Azure Lane. Its healing and support abilities make it an excellent choice for fleet compositions that rely on sustained survivability. Ships with high damage output but low survivability can benefit greatly from Unicorn’s healing and damage reduction effects.