Eiichirou Maruo

Original Name 丸尾 栄一郎
Romaji Name Eiichirou Maruo
Nicknames Ei-chan
Series Baby Steps
Age 15
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


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The determined protagonist of “Baby Steps


Eiichirou Maruo, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Baby Steps,” possesses a unique blend of traits that make him a compelling character. He is known for his diligent and orderly nature, which is reflected in his exceptional study habits and note-taking skills. Eiichirou is a perfectionist who constantly strives to achieve top grades in his exams, earning him the nickname “Ei-chan” among his peers. Despite his academic success, he lacks physical exercise, which leads him to join the Southern Tennis Club (STC) at his mother’s suggestion.


Eiichirou Maruo is a fifteen-year-old tennis player who embarks on a journey of self-improvement and growth throughout the series. He begins as a naive beginner who faces the challenge of catching up and learning the basics of tennis. It is revealed that his mother was the one who encouraged him to join a tennis club, recognizing the importance of physical activity in his life. This decision sets Eiichirou on a path that not only improves his tennis skills, but also shapes his character and ambition.


Eiichirou Maruo is characterized by his distinctive hairstyle, often referred to as “rooster hair” by his peers. While his physical appearance may be unremarkable, it is his determination and inner drive that set him apart. Eiichirou’s unwavering focus on improving his tennis skills is reflected in his intense gaze and relentless work ethic.


Though a novice at first, Eiichirou quickly proves his dedication and resilience as he faces increasingly difficult opponents in the Prefecture Tournaments. Recognizing the need for improvement, he seizes the opportunity to improve his overall performance by traveling to Florida. There, he undergoes rigorous training and gradually hones his skills, even defeating professional players ranked in the world’s top 1000, such as Alex.

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Eiichirou Maruo’s journey from a hardworking student to a skilled tennis player is the core story of “Baby Steps”. Created by Hikaru Katsuki, the manga series follows Eiichirou’s transformation as he navigates the world of tennis, overcoming obstacles and pursuing his dream of becoming a professional player. The story depicts Eiichirou’s growth both on and off the court as he learns valuable life lessons, builds friendships, and explores the complexities of pursuing his passion.
Eiichirou Maruo’s character in “Baby Steps” embodies determination, perseverance, and the pursuit of personal growth. Through his experiences, the series highlights the importance of hard work, discipline, and the willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone in order to achieve success. Eiichirou’s story serves as an inspiration to viewers and readers alike, encouraging them to embrace challenges and strive for excellence in their own endeavors.

Eiichirou Maruo – FAQ

Who is Eiichirou Maruo?

Eiichirou Maruo is the main character of the manga and anime series “Baby Steps”. He is a very dedicated and hardworking high school student who becomes involved in the world of tennis.

What are Eiichirou Maruo’s main characteristics?

Eiichirou Maruo is known for his exceptional work ethic, analytical thinking, and determination. He is a meticulous planner and constantly strives to improve his skills. He is also highly disciplined and never gives up easily.

How does Eiichirou Maruo get involved in tennis?

Eiichirou Maruo’s interest in tennis began when he decided to join his high school’s tennis club to improve his physical fitness. However, his dedication and talent quickly propel him to the top of the sport.

What is Eiichirou Maruo’s playing style?

Eiichirou Maruo is known for his strategic and methodical style of play. He relies heavily on his analytical skills to study and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. He emphasizes consistency and precision in his shots rather than relying solely on power.

Does Eiichirou Maruo face any challenges on his tennis journey?

Yes, Eiichirou Maruo faces many challenges in his tennis journey. He faces tough opponents, goes through intense training, and deals with injuries. He also has to balance his academic responsibilities with his passion for tennis.

Will Eiichirou Maruo succeed in tennis?

Yes, Eiichirou Maruo is experiencing great success in tennis. Through hard work and determination, he progresses from a beginner to a highly skilled player. He participates in various national and international tournaments and receives recognition for his talent and dedication.