Claire Stanfield

Original Name クレア・スタンフィールド
Romaji Name Claire Stanfield
Nicknames Vino, Felix Walken
Series Baccano!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Claire Stanfield, also known as Vino or Felix Walken, is a fascinating character with a complex and enigmatic personality. He possesses a charismatic and flamboyant demeanor, often displaying a cheerful and carefree attitude. However, beneath his jovial exterior lies a deeply disturbed and violent nature. Claire is known for his sadistic tendencies and enjoys inflicting pain on his victims in gruesome ways, often leaving them unrecognizable. He takes great pride in his role as an assassin and revels in his reputation as the best in the world.


Claire Stanfield’s background is intertwined with the Gandor crime family. After being orphaned, he was taken in by the Gandor brothers and raised as part of their family. During his childhood, he acquired his acrobatic skills and superhuman strength while performing in the circus. These skills would later serve him well in his profession as an assassin. Claire’s connection to the Gandor family also plays a significant role in his character development and motivations throughout the series.


Claire Stanfield has a distinctive and memorable appearance. He is often seen wearing a stylish suit and hat, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication. With his tall stature and athletic build, he has an intimidating presence. His piercing green eyes and mischievous smile add to his charismatic charm. Claire’s distinctive appearance perfectly complements his larger-than-life personality and adds to his appeal as a character.


One of Claire Stanfield’s most remarkable abilities is his extraordinary physical prowess. His acrobatic skills and superhuman strength, honed during his time in the circus, make him a formidable opponent. He is known for his lightning reflexes and agility, allowing him to navigate and overcome dangerous situations with ease. In addition, Claire’s expertise in various forms of combat, combined with his sadistic nature, make him a highly effective and feared assassin.


Claire Stanfield’s origin story is closely tied to the events of the Baccano! anime and light novel series. As the youngest conductor for the Flying Pussy Foot, Claire becomes involved in the story of the “Rail-Tracer,” a brutal beast that causes passengers on a train to mysteriously disappear. It is later revealed that Claire herself is the infamous Rail-Tracer. His background with the Gandor family, his association with the circus, and his transformation into the feared assassin known as Vino all help to shape his origins and motivations.

Claire Stanfield – FAQ

Who is Claire Stanfield?

Claire Stanfield is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “Baccano!” created by Ryohgo Narita. He is also known by his alias “Vino” and is one of the main characters in the series.

What is Claire Stanfield’s background?

Claire Stanfield, also known as Rail Tracer, is an assassin and freelance monster. He works as a conductor on the Flying Pussyfoot, a transcontinental train, and is known for his exceptional combat skills and uncanny ability to kill without leaving a trace.

What are Claire Stanfield’s abilities?

Claire Stanfield is an incredibly skilled fighter and marksman. He has phenomenal reflexes, agility, and strength. He is also known for his ability to manipulate his body movements to appear to defy physics, earning him the title “Rail Tracer”. He can also blend seamlessly into any environment, making him a formidable assassin.

What is Claire Stanfield’s personality like?

Claire Stanfield is a complex and enigmatic personality. Often seen as eccentric and unpredictable, he displays a childlike curiosity and fascination with the world around him. Despite his dangerous profession, he maintains a cheerful and carefree demeanor. He values life and has a strong sense of justice, often intervening to protect the weak or innocent.

What is Claire Stanfield’s role in the story?

Claire Stanfield plays an important role in the overall story of “Baccano! He is involved in several story arcs and is often portrayed as an unstoppable force, both feared and respected by other characters. His actions and interactions with the various factions in the series have far-reaching consequences and contribute to the complex web of the story.

Is Claire Stanfield a likable character?

Claire Stanfield’s character is designed to evoke a mix of admiration and sympathy from the audience. While he is a skilled killer, he also has a sense of honor and empathy. His past and personal struggles are explored throughout the series, providing insight into his motivations and making him a multi-faceted character.

Does Claire Stanfield have any significant relationships?

Claire Stanfield has several relationships with other characters in “Baccano!”. One notable relationship is with Chane Laforet, a mute girl and the daughter of a powerful mafia family. Their unconventional bond develops throughout the series and becomes an important aspect of Claire’s character development. He also develops relationships with other members of the show’s large ensemble cast.