Luck Gandor

Original Name ランスロット・”ラック”・ガンドール
Romaji Name Ransurotto “Rakku” Gandōru
Nicknames Luck the Ripper, Young Master
Series Baccano!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The intelligent leader of the Gandor family


Luck Gandor, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Baccano!”, is an intelligent executive of the Gandor mafia family. Despite his position within the mafia, Luck is known for his calm and level-headed demeanor. He prefers to use violence only when necessary and has a remarkable ability to remain calm in the face of adversity. Luck is often seen with a faint smile on his face, which is said to be a deliberate act to project a cool and ruthless image. Beneath his calculated facade, however, Luck possesses a strong sense of loyalty and friendship.


Luck Gandor grew up with his older brothers Keith and Berga in the same apartment block as Firo, whom he considers a childhood friend. As one of the heads of the Gandor family, Luck’s close relationship with Firo forges an alliance between the Gandors and the Martillo family. Luck’s leadership and intelligence have earned him the respect of the larger Mafia families. It should be noted, however, that Luck was not one of the original immortals who sought the immortality elixir in 1711.


Luck Gandor has brown hair and sharp, piercing eyes. He is often seen wearing an elegant suit, befitting his role as a Mafia executive. Luck’s appearance exudes a sense of authority and confidence that complements his calm and collected personality.


One of the most remarkable aspects of Luck Gandor’s character is his immortality. In November 1930, Luck and his brothers unknowingly consumed the Cure-All Elixir at a promotional party for Firo Prochainezo, becoming complete immortals. This immortality grants them the ability to withstand injuries that would normally be fatal to ordinary humans. It should be noted, however, that Luck’s immortality is not a result of his involvement with the group of alchemists who originally sought the elixir.

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Luck Gandor comes from the anime and light novel series “Baccano!” created by Ryohgo Narita. The series is set in the 1930s and features a complex narrative with several interconnected storylines. Luck plays a significant role as an executive of the Gandor family, contributing to the intricate web of mafia politics, immortal beings, and supernatural occurrences that define the world of “Baccano!”.

Lucky Gandor – FAQ

Who is Luck Gandor?

Luck Gandor is a prominent character in the light novel and anime series “Baccano! He is a member of the Gandor family, one of the most powerful mafia organizations in the story. Luck is known for his calm demeanor, intelligence, and strategic thinking.

What is Luck Gandor’s role in the story?

Luck plays an important role in the series as one of the main characters. He is often involved in the conflicts and power struggles between various Mafia factions and other Immortals. Luck’s actions and decisions have a significant impact on the overall story.

Is Luck Gandor an Immortal?

Yes, Luck Gandor is an immortal in the Baccano! universe. Immortals in the series have the ability to heal from any injury and are essentially ageless. They can also regenerate lost body parts, making them nearly impossible to kill.

What are Luck Gandor’s personality traits?

Luck is typically described as calm, collected, and level-headed. He rarely loses his cool and is known for his logical thinking and analytical skills. Luck is also fiercely loyal to his family and allies, and he values honor and integrity.

Does Luck Gandor have any special abilities?

While Luck Gandor does not possess any supernatural abilities beyond his immortality, he is a highly skilled fighter and an expert with firearms. He has received extensive training in martial arts and is a formidable fighter in close combat.

What is Luck Gandor’s relationship with his brothers?

Luck has a close and strong relationship with his brothers, Keith and Berga Gandor. The three of them are known as the Gandor Brothers and often work together to protect their family’s interests. They trust and rely on each other, and their unity is a great source of strength for the Gandor family.