Yu-na Kang

Original (Japanese) Name: 강 연아
Romaji Name: Kang Yu-na
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Bad Thinking Diary
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Yu-na Kang from the manga “Bad Thinking Diary” is portrayed as a complex and multilayered character. She is described as having a sharp wit and a tendency to “bad thinking”, suggesting a quick mind and perhaps a cynical or sarcastic nature. However, details of her full personality are limited in the available sources.


Not much information is given about Yu-na Kang’s specific background or history in the available sources. The character page on MyAnimeList does not contain a biography. Further details about her origins, upbringing, or notable life events are unknown.

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Visual representations of Yu-na Kang show her to have a youthful, feminine appearance. She is depicted with long, dark hair and what appears to be a petite build. Beyond these basic physical attributes, however, no further details about her appearance or style are readily available.


The sources consulted do not provide any information about specific abilities or skills possessed by Yu-na Kang. Her role and function within the narrative of “Bad Thinking Diary” remains unclear due to the limited data available.


The origin of the character Yu-na Kang is not well documented. She appears to come from the manga “Bad Thinking Diary,” but details about her creation, the author, or the broader context of the work are not included in the information gathered.

Yu-na Kang – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Yu-na Kang from “Bad Thinking Diary”:

Who is Yu-na Kang?

Yu-na Kang is the main character of the webcomic “Bad Thinking Diary”. She is a young woman in her twenties who struggles with negative thinking and anxiety. The series follows her daily life as she navigates her personal and professional relationships while trying to overcome her tendency to overthink.

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What is Yu-na Kang’s background?

Yu-na Kang is originally from South Korea. She moved to the United States for college and now works as a graphic designer at a small creative agency. Yu-na lives alone in an apartment and is single, although her dating life and relationships with friends and family are a major focus of the webcomic.

What are Yu-na Kang’s personality traits?

Yu-na Kang is described as introverted, neurotic, and deeply introspective. She often overthinks situations and catastrophizes about possible negative outcomes. However, she is also kind-hearted, creative, and loyal to her friends. Yu-na struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety, which shape many of her behaviors and thought processes.

How does Yu-na Kang’s anxiety manifest itself in the webcomic?

Yu-na Kang’s anxiety is a central theme throughout “Bad Thinking Diary”. The webcomic often shows her worrying about social interactions, work tasks, and potential problems. She often imagines worst-case scenarios in her head. Yu-na’s anxious tendencies lead to difficulties in her relationships and daily life, which are explored in depth.

What are Yu-na’s hobbies and interests?

Yu-na Kang enjoys creative activities such as drawing and graphic design. She is an avid reader and often loses herself in fictional worlds to escape her own worries. Yu-na also enjoys baking and experimenting with new recipes, although she can sometimes get stressed about the results. Overall, her interests tend toward solitary, introspective activities.

How does Yu-na Kang’s character develop over the course of the webcomic?

Over the course of “Bad Thinking Diary”, Yu-na Kang goes through a gradual process of self-discovery and growth. While she continues to struggle with anxiety, she learns to be more mindful, communicate her feelings more openly, and accept the support of her friends and family. In later chapters, Yu-na begins to develop healthier coping mechanisms and a greater sense of self-compassion.