Meme Oshino

Original Name 忍野 メメ
Romaji Name Oshino Meme
Series Bakemonogatari
Date of Birth
Blood Type


Meme Oshino, a character from the anime series “Bakemonogatari”, is portrayed as a middle-aged man with a unique personality. Known for his laid-back and carefree attitude, he is often seen lounging around his abandoned building. Despite his casual attitude, Meme has a deep understanding of the supernatural world and serves as an expert in the field of apparitions.
Meme is portrayed as someone who gathers information and helps others solve their paranormal cases. Although he sometimes expects payment for his services, he is also known to help those in need out of the goodness of his heart. He demonstrates a sense of fairness and balance in his dealings, reinforcing the balance between humans and apparitions.


Meme Oshino’s background is not extensively explored in the “Bakemonogatari” series. However, it is mentioned that he studied Shinto in college, although he did not pursue a career as a Shinto priest. Nevertheless, he possesses the knowledge and skills of a Shinto priest, allowing him to perform spiritual works such as exorcisms and solving paranormal mysteries.


In terms of appearance, Meme Oshino is depicted as a middle-aged man with a scruffy appearance. He is often seen wearing casual clothes, including a shirt, pants, and sometimes a jacket. Notably, he occasionally wears a priest’s outfit, especially during sessions involving supernatural encounters. Meme also wears an earring in his right ear and an inverted cross necklace, adding to his mysterious and enigmatic persona.


Meme Oshino possesses a vast knowledge of supernatural studies and general oddities, making him a valuable source of information for the protagonist, Araragi, and others. He is skilled in solving cases involving apparitions and has the ability to exorcise entities and solve paranormal mysteries. Meme’s expertise allows him to navigate the complex world of the paranormal and help those in need.


Meme Oshino originates from the anime series “Bakemonogatari” and is a supporting character in the Monogatari series. Created by author Nisio Isin, the character of Meme Oshino serves as an important figure in the protagonist’s journey, providing guidance, information, and assistance in dealing with supernatural phenomena.

Meme Oshino – FAQ

Who is Meme Oshino in “Bakemonogatari”?

Meme Oshino is a character in the anime and light novel series “Bakemonogatari”. He is a middle-aged man who takes on the role of a nomadic occult specialist who helps people suffering from supernatural afflictions known as “oddities” or “monsters”.

What is Meme Oshino’s role in the series?

Meme Oshino serves as a mentor and guide to the main character, Koyomi Araragi. He provides advice and assistance in dealing with the various oddities that Araragi encounters throughout the series. Oshino is known for his extensive knowledge of the supernatural and his unorthodox methods of solving problems.

What does Meme Oshino look like?

Meme Oshino is depicted as a middle-aged man with messy, unkempt black hair and a scruffy beard. He wears round glasses and often dresses casually, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants. Oshino’s appearance gives off a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Where does Meme Oshino live?

Oshino is a nomadic character who doesn’t have a permanent residence. However, he is often associated with the abandoned cram school building where he has set up a makeshift office. The cram school serves as a meeting place for Araragi and Oshino throughout the series.

What are Meme Oshino’s abilities?

Meme Oshino has extensive knowledge of the supernatural and is well-versed in dealing with Oddities. He specializes in finding the cause of an oddity’s existence and developing strategies to solve the problems it causes. Oshino’s abilities lie more in his intellect and understanding than in any supernatural powers of his own.

Is Meme Oshino a trustworthy person?

Meme Oshino’s trustworthiness is a subject of debate in the series. While assisting Araragi in his battles against oddities, Oshino often maintains a mysterious and enigmatic demeanor. He can be cryptic in his explanations, sometimes leaving Araragi to figure things out on his own. However, Oshino’s guidance and expertise have proven valuable in solving the supernatural problems faced by the characters.