Kazuya Hiramaru

Japanese Name 平丸一也
Romaji Name Kazuya Hiramaru
Nicknames Kazu-tan
Series Bakuman.
Age 26 (debut), 34 (end)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth June 18, 1984
Blood Type N/A


Kazuya Hiramaru, a character from the manga and anime series “Bakuman”, has a distinct personality that sets him apart from his peers. He is portrayed as an extremely lazy individual who despises the concept of work. Hiramaru often expresses his desire to sleep when he’s tired and eat when he’s hungry, questioning the necessity of work. Because of his laziness, Hiramaru’s editor, Koji Yoshida, often uses schemes to manipulate him into working. This ongoing struggle between Hiramaru and Yoshida becomes a recurring comedic theme throughout the series.
In addition, Hiramaru is a chronic hypochondriac who often claims to be ill. However, his alleged illnesses are often proven unfounded by doctors, leading some to believe that they are used as an excuse to avoid work. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Hiramaru has a deep passion for manga and shows great talent in the field. His unique genius lies in his ability to produce impressive manga despite having started his career on a whim.
Hiramaru’s love for Aoki Yuriko, a fellow “Bakuman” character, is another important aspect of his personality. Yoshida motivates Hiramaru to work by providing him with weekly facts about Aoki. The editor also creates dramatic scenarios in which Aoki rejects Hiramaru for being lazy, which motivates Hiramaru to work harder. Eventually, their relationship progresses and Hiramaru becomes engaged to Aoki in chapter 160 of the series.

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Kazuya Hiramaru was initially introduced as a salaryman with a strong disdain for his job. After overhearing a conversation between two aspiring manga artists, Takagi and Mashiro, Hiramaru became interested in the world of manga. When he came across a discarded copy of the manga magazine Jack while riding the subway, he made the impulsive decision to quit his job and pursue a career as a mangaka. Hiramaru believed that becoming a manga artist would require less work than his previous job.
Despite his lack of formal training, Hiramaru taught himself to draw manga in a remarkably short period of time. His manga series entitled “Otters 11” was eventually serialized, earning him recognition as a genius in the eyes of his editor, Koji Yoshida. However, the transition to weekly serialization brought the reality of a demanding workload, causing Hiramaru to express regret and struggle to keep up with the pace.


Kazuya Hiramaru is visually depicted as a young man with unkempt black hair and glasses. His disheveled appearance often reflects his lazy and carefree attitude. Hiramaru’s clothing typically consists of casual clothes, further emphasizing his laid-back nature.


Despite his initial lack of experience, Kazuya Hiramaru possesses a remarkable talent as a manga artist. He displays a unique genius that sets him apart from his peers, allowing him to create compelling stories and captivating artwork. Hiramaru’s ability to produce impressive manga even as a newcomer demonstrates his innate talent and creativity.


Kazuya Hiramaru is a fictional character created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata for the manga series “Bakuman”. The series follows the journey of aspiring manga artists as they strive to achieve success and fulfill their dreams in the competitive industry. Hiramaru’s character serves as a representation of the struggles and experiences faced by individuals pursuing a career in manga.

Kazuya Hiramaru – FAQ

Who is Kazuya Hiramaru in “Bakuman.

Kazuya Hiramaru is a character in the manga and anime series “Bakuman”. He is a talented but lazy and unmotivated manga artist who becomes an important character in the story.

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What is Kazuya Hiramaru’s personality like?

Kazuya Hiramaru is known for being extremely lazy and unmotivated. He often procrastinates and avoids work, preferring to sleep or engage in leisure activities. He is also quite clumsy and prone to accidents. Despite his flaws, he has a natural talent for drawing manga.

What is Kazuya Hiramaru’s role in the story?

Kazuya Hiramaru plays a pivotal role in the story of Bakuman. Initially introduced as a rival to the main characters, he eventually becomes their ally and friend. His struggles with motivation and the pursuit of his dreams form an important subplot in the series.

What are Kazuya Hiramaru’s desires?

Kazuya Hiramaru’s main ambition is to become a successful manga artist. However, he often feels that he lacks the drive and dedication necessary to achieve his goals. Throughout the series, he struggles with his own laziness and tries to overcome it in order to realize his dreams.

Does Kazuya Hiramaru have any significant relationships?

Yes, Kazuya Hiramaru has a romantic relationship with Aoki Yuriko, a fellow manga artist. Their relationship is one of the central arcs of the series, and it is through their interactions that Hiramaru’s character undergoes significant development.

How does Kazuya Hiramaru’s character develop over the course of the series?

Kazuya Hiramaru’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series. Initially portrayed as lazy and unmotivated, he gradually learns to overcome his shortcomings and work harder towards his dreams. His relationship with Aoki Yuriko plays a crucial role in this development, as she serves as a source of inspiration and support for him.