Moritaka Mashiro

Japanese Name 真城最高
Romaji Name Mashiro Moritaka
Nicknames Saikou (by his friends)
Series Bakuman
Age 18
Weight 65 kg
Height 176 cm
Date of Birth August 10, 1992
Blood Type A


Moritaka Mashiro, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Bakuman”, is a complex character with a unique personality. Initially, Mashiro is portrayed as a 14-year-old boy who is unsure of his future and lacks direction in life. However, his encounter with classmate Akito Takagi changes everything.
Mashiro has great insight into other people’s emotions and can accurately read their moods. He is sensitive and empathetic, which allows him to connect with others on a deeper level. Despite his reserved nature, Mashiro has a burning passion for art and a strong desire to become a successful manga artist.


Mashiro’s journey begins when Takagi discovers his exceptional drawing skills and suggests that they work together to create a manga. Though hesitant at first, Mashiro finally agrees after Takagi helps him make a connection with his crush, Azuki Miho. This pivotal moment sets the stage for Mashiro’s pursuit of his dreams.
Mashiro’s family background also plays an important role in shaping his character. His uncle, Nobuhiro Mashiro, was a famous manga artist who tragically died from overwork. This event has a profound effect on Mashiro, as he witnesses firsthand the toll the industry can take on an artist’s health and well-being.


Mashiro has a distinct appearance that reflects his artistic nature. He is depicted as a tall and slender young man with disheveled black hair and keen, observant eyes. His overall appearance conveys a sense of seriousness and determination.


Mashiro has extraordinary artistic talent, especially in drawing. Despite his dissatisfaction with his own style, he is highly skilled at creating detailed and expressive artwork. He specializes in drawing dark and complex characters, demonstrating his ability to capture emotion through his illustrations.
In addition to his artistic skills, Mashiro is an incredibly hardworking individual. He shows immense dedication and resilience in his quest to become a successful manga artist. He is willing to work long hours and make sacrifices in order to achieve his goals.


Mashiro’s journey as a manga artist begins when he teams up with Takagi to create manga for Shonen Jump under the pen name Ashirogi Muto. Their collaboration led to the serialization of their manga “Reversi” and its subsequent anime adaptation. Throughout the series, Mashiro faces various challenges and obstacles that test his determination and resolve.
Finally, Mashiro’s journey culminates in a significant milestone when he proposes marriage to Azuki Miho, his longtime crush and aspiring voice actress. This symbolizes his growth and the realization of his dreams, as he marries Azuki after the serialization of Ashirogi Muto’s next work.

Moritaka Mashiro – FAQ

Who is Moritaka Mashiro?

Moritaka Mashiro is the protagonist of the manga series “Bakuman” created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. He is a talented artist and aspiring manga artist who dreams of becoming a successful mangaka.

What are the main characteristics of Moritaka Mashiro?

Moritaka Mashiro is known for his exceptional drawing skills and his determination to achieve his dream. He is a hardworking and focused individual who is willing to go to great lengths to succeed in the competitive world of manga. Moritaka is also portrayed as introverted and somewhat socially awkward, often devoting himself entirely to his work.

What motivates Mashiro Moritaka to become a manga artist?

Moritaka Mashiro’s main motivation to become a manga artist is his childhood promise to his crush, Miho Azuki. He made a pact with her that he would become a successful mangaka and she would become a voice actress. Moritaka’s desire to fulfill this promise drives him to work tirelessly to achieve his goals.

What challenges does Mashiro Moritaka face on his way to becoming a manga artist?

Moritaka faces many challenges on his journey. He must navigate the highly competitive world of manga publishing, overcome rejection and criticism, meet tight deadlines, and constantly improve his skills. He also struggles to balance his personal life with his work and to cope with the pressure to succeed.

Does Moritaka Mashiro have a close relationship in “Bakuman.

Yes, Moritaka develops several close relationships in Bakuman. He forms a partnership with his classmate and aspiring writer, Akito Takagi, as they work together to create successful manga. Moritaka also has a deep connection with his childhood crush, Miho Azuki, and they support each other in pursuing their dreams.

Will Moritaka Mashiro succeed as a manga artist?

Throughout the series, Moritaka experiences both success and failure. He and Akito create several popular manga series, some of which are adapted into anime. Moritaka’s talent and hard work are recognized by industry professionals, and he becomes a successful mangaka. However, achieving success is a continuous journey, and Moritaka faces new challenges and goals as the story progresses.