Masami Kugimiya

Original Name (Japanese) 釘宮 正美
Romaji Name Kugimiya Masami
Nicknames N/A
Series Ballroom e Youkoso
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Masami Kugimiya is a complex character with both positive and negative traits. He is described as a strong leader, although he is rude to his followers. Underneath his calm and collected exterior, he is an insecure, anxious, sensitive, and short-tempered personality. He is also a pessimist, but has a weak heart.


Masami Kugimiya is Tatara Fujita’s rival and occasional training partner in the anime and manga series “Ballroom e Youkoso”. He is a male professional ballroom dancer who partners with Tamie Idogawa.

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Masami Kugimiya has black hair and is depicted wearing formal attire associated with ballroom dancing.


Masami Kugimiya’s dancing style is described as elegant, strict, “traditional” or pure old-fashioned, with a sense of “beauty” in it. He is a skilled ballroom dancer capable of competing at a professional level.


Masami Kugimiya is a character created for the anime and manga series “Ballroom e Youkoso”. He plays a supporting role in the story, serving as a rival and occasional training partner to the main protagonist, Tatara Fujita.

Masami Kugimiya – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Masami Kugimiya from “Ballroom e Youkoso”:

Who is Masami Kugimiya?

Masami Kugimiya is one of the main characters in the anime/manga series “Ballroom e Youkoso”. She is a skilled ballroom dancer who attends the same dance school as the protagonist, Tatara Fujita.

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What is Masami’s role in the story?

Masami acts as a rival and source of motivation for Tatara as he works to improve his ballroom dancing skills. She is an excellent dancer who challenges Tatara to push himself and become a better dancer.

What is Masami’s dance style?

Masami is known for her graceful and elegant dance style. She excels in standard dances such as the waltz and foxtrot, displaying incredible technique and musicality on the dance floor.

How does Masami’s relationship with Tatara develop?

At first, Masami sees Tatara as a rival and is somewhat distant from him. However, as the story progresses, their relationship evolves and they develop a mutual respect and understanding for each other as dancers.

What are Masami’s main character traits?

Masami is portrayed as a serious and dedicated dancer who is driven to be the best. She can come across as cold or distant at times, but she is also shown to have a caring side, especially when it comes to her dance partner, Sengoku.

How does Masami’s arc progress in the series?

Masami’s character arc involves her dealing with the pressures of being an elite dancer and the expectations placed upon her. She must learn to rediscover the joy of dancing and not just focus on winning competitions.