Eiji Okumura

Japanese Name 奥村 英二
Romaji Name Okumura Eiji
Nicknames N/A
Series Banana Fish
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Eiji Okumura, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Banana Fish,” is known for his kind-hearted and gentle nature. Despite being an outsider in the dangerous world of street gangs and crime, Eiji remains compassionate and empathetic towards others. He is often seen as the moral compass of the story, offering unwavering support and friendship to the protagonist, Ash Lynx.


A native of Japan, Eiji Okumura was a promising athlete before an injury forced him to retire from his sport. In search of new opportunities, Eiji traveled to New York City, where he became an assistant to a photographer. It is during his time in the city that he becomes involved in the dangerous events surrounding the mysterious drug known as Banana Fish.


Eiji Okumura is depicted as a young man with a slender build and a somewhat delicate appearance. He has medium-length brown hair that falls naturally and frames his expressive and innocent-looking face. Eiji’s eyes are wide and bright, often reflecting his genuine emotions. His fashion sense is simple and practical, and he is typically seen wearing casual clothes suitable for his daily activities.


While Eiji Okumura does not possess any extraordinary physical abilities or combat skills, his presence in the series is defined by his emotional strength and intelligence. Eiji’s resourcefulness and quick thinking often contribute to the success of Ash and his allies. In addition, Eiji’s background as an athlete gives him a level of physical fitness and agility that helps him navigate dangerous situations.


The character of Eiji Okumura was created by Akimi Yoshida, the mangaka behind the “Banana Fish” series. The character’s development and portrayal over the course of the story has been highly praised by fans and critics alike. Eiji’s role as a constant companion and catalyst for the personal growth of the main character, Ash Lynx, has made him a beloved and memorable character in the series.


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Eiji Okumura – FAQ

Who is Eiji Okumura in “Banana Fish”?

Eiji Okumura is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Banana Fish”. He is a kind-hearted and innocent young man from Japan who becomes involved in the dangerous underworld of New York City.

How does Eiji meet Ash Lynx?

Eiji meets Ash Lynx when he accompanies his friend, journalist Shunichi Ibe, to New York City to cover a story. While in New York, Eiji meets Ash, who saves him from a group of thugs. This encounter sparks a deep bond between Eiji and Ash, and they become close friends.

What are Eiji’s personality traits?

Eiji is known for his gentle and compassionate nature. He is selfless, caring, and always puts the welfare of others before his own. Eiji is also incredibly brave, willing to face dangerous situations to protect his friends. Despite being relatively naive and inexperienced, he proves to be resourceful and resilient.

Does Eiji have any special abilities or talents?

Eiji doesn’t have any extraordinary skills or talents in terms of physical abilities or combat. However, he is an excellent photographer and has a keen eye for capturing meaningful moments. Eiji’s emotional intelligence and ability to connect with people also make him a valuable asset to the series.

What is the significance of Eiji’s relationship with Ash?

Eiji’s relationship with Ash is at the heart of the Banana Fish series. Their bond is deep and profound, transcending friendship and bordering on a profound connection. Eiji’s unwavering support, kindness, and belief in Ash’s goodness serve as a driving force for Ash to find his own redemption and escape the dark world he’s trapped in.

Does Eiji have any character development over the course of the series?

Yes, Eiji undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a naive and innocent young man, Eiji matures and becomes more resilient as he navigates the dangerous world of Banana Fish. He learns to hold his own, develops a stronger sense of self, and becomes more actively involved in protecting his friends.