Kaoru Seta

Japanese Name 瀬田 薫
Romaji Name Seta Kaoru
Nicknames Little Kittens (子猫ーちゃん, koneko-chan)
Series BanG Dream!
Age Second Year
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth February 28
Blood Type Pisces


Kaoru Seta from the anime series “BanG Dream!” is characterized as a flamboyant and charming individual. She has a charismatic and confident demeanor that attracts the attention of those around her. Kaoru is known to refer to her female admirers as her “little kittens,” showing her playful and affectionate nature. Her interactions with Uehara Himari and Rimi Ushigome often cause them to blush in her presence, highlighting her ability to create an air of excitement and fascination.

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Kaoru Seta is a sophomore at Haneoka Girls’ High School and a prominent member of the band Hello, Happy World! She is an accomplished guitarist and contributes to the band’s energetic performances. Outside of her musical activities, Kaoru is also friends with Shirasagi Chisato. While her background is not extensively explored, her popularity among her peers and her involvement in various band-related activities indicate a vibrant and active lifestyle.


Kaoru Seta presents herself in a stylish and attention-grabbing manner. With her flamboyant personality, she has a fashion sense that matches her vibrant character. She is often seen wearing fashionable outfits that reflect her confident and unique style. Her appearance complements her stage presence, further enhancing her charismatic image.


As the guitarist of Hello, Happy World!, Kaoru Seta demonstrates exceptional musical talent. Her skill with the guitar contributes to the band’s captivating performances and energetic sound. Kaoru’s skills on the instrument demonstrate her dedication to her craft and her commitment to creating an enjoyable musical experience for her audience.


Kaoru Seta comes from the anime series “BanG Dream!” which revolves around the formation and growth of various all-female bands. The series explores the journeys and aspirations of these bands as they strive to achieve success and connect with their audiences through music. Kaoru’s character adds a vibrant and charismatic element to the overall narrative, contributing to the series’ dynamic and diverse cast of characters.
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Kaoru Seta – FAQ

Who is Kaoru Seta?

Kaoru Seta is a fictional character in the multimedia franchise “BanG Dream! She is a member of the all-girl band Hello, Happy World! within the franchise.

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What is Kaoru Seta’s role in Hello, Happy World!?

Kaoru Seta is the keyboardist and one of the lead vocalists of Hello, Happy World! She brings her energetic and upbeat personality to the band’s performances.

What is Kaoru Seta’s personality like?

Kaoru Seta is known for her lively and cheerful personality. She is often described as eccentric and has a tendency to speak in a theatrical manner. Kaoru is enthusiastic about everything she does and her passion for music shines through in her performances.

What are Kaoru Seta’s hobbies and interests?

Kaoru Seta has many hobbies and interests. She enjoys creating and designing costumes for Hello, Happy World! She also enjoys acting and often incorporates theatrical elements into the band’s performances. Kaoru loves all things cute and has a special fondness for stuffed animals.

What are some notable songs that Kaoru Seta has performed?

Kaoru Seta has participated in several songs as a member of Hello, Happy World! Some notable songs she has performed include “Egao no Orchestra!”, “Egao Sing A Song”, and “High Five ∞ Adventure”.

What is Kaoru Seta’s relationship to the other members of Hello, Happy World!?

Kaoru Seta shares a close bond with the other members of Hello, Happy World! She often acts as an energetic and positive force within the group, bringing everyone together. Kaoru’s interactions with her bandmates are filled with warmth and support, and they share a strong camaraderie.