Masuki Satou

Original Name (Japanese) 佐藤 ますき
Romanized Name Satou Masuki
Nicknames MASKING, King
Series BanG Dream!
Age 16
Height 170 cm
Date of Birth May 12
Blood Type O
School Shirayuki Private Academy
Year 2nd Year
Position Drummer


Despite her sharp gaze and rough, delinquent appearance, Masuki likes cute things and is skilled at baking cakes. She is a straightforward but caring person who deeply values her friendships with her bandmates.


Masuki is a junior at Shirayuki Private Academy, an all-girls school. She goes by the nickname “MASKING” and is the drummer of the band RAISE A SUILEN. Her desire to become a drummer like her father, who owns the Galaxy Live House, led her to start playing drums.

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Masuki has a tall, athletic build and sharp facial features. She has short, dark hair and often wears a delinquent-style outfit with a leather jacket and ripped jeans. However, she also has a softer side and can be seen wearing cute accessories or aprons while baking.


Masuki’s drumming skills are unparalleled, reflecting her dedication and passion for the instrument. She is able to play complex and powerful rhythms that drive the sound of RAISE A SUILEN.


Masuki is a character from the BanG Dream! franchise who first appeared in the second season of the anime series. She is a member of the band RAISE A SUILEN, which was introduced in the series as a rival to the main band, Poppin’Party.

Masuki Satou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Masuki Satou from “BanG Dream! Season 2”:

Who is Masuki Satou?

Masuki Satou is a character from the anime “BanG Dream! 2nd Season”. She is the drummer of the band Morfonica, which is a new band introduced in the second season of the series.

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What is Masuki’s role in the band Morfonica?

Masuki is the drummer of the band Morfonica. She is known for her skilled and powerful drumming style, which helps drive the band’s energetic performances.

What is Masuki’s personality like?

Masuki is described as having a cool and reserved personality. She doesn’t say much and can be intimidating at first, but she is loyal and cares deeply for her bandmates. She is also very competitive and pushes herself to constantly improve as a drummer.

How does Masuki get along with the other members of Morfonica?

While Masuki’s reserved personality can make it difficult for her to connect with others at first, she eventually forms close bonds with the other members of Morfonica. She respects her bandmates and their individual talents, and they in turn appreciate Masuki’s dedication and skill as a drummer.

What are some of Masuki’s hobbies and interests outside of music?

Not much is known about Masuki’s hobbies and interests outside of drumming and performing with Morfonica. She seems to focus mainly on her music and does not share much about her personal life.

How will Masuki’s role in Morfonica develop over the course of the season?

During the course of “BanG Dream! 2nd Season”, Masuki’s role within Morfonica becomes more prominent as the band grows and gains recognition. Her drumming skills are showcased, and she plays a key role in helping the band overcome challenges and grow stronger as a unit.