Original Name ヒルデガルド
Romaji Name Hirudegarudo
Nicknames Hilda
Series Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Hildegard – The mysterious demon maid

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Hildegard, also known as Hilda, is a character from the anime series “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!”. She displays a complex and fascinating personality throughout the series. Hilda usually displays a cold and impassive demeanor, rarely showing her emotions except when interacting with Be’el, the main character’s baby. She takes on the role of a mother figure, caring for Be’el by cooking and washing for him. Despite her cold exterior, Hilda is fiercely protective of Be’el and affectionate towards him. She is known for her manipulative nature, often using her knowledge of the current situation to influence others to do what she believes is best. Hilda also has a witty and sarcastic sense of humor, often teasing and mocking the protagonist, Oga Tatsumi.


Hilda’s past is shrouded in mystery. It is revealed that she was ordered by the Demon King to raise his son, Be’elzebub, and guide him to become a “good” human destroyer. However, Be’el becomes attached to Oga Tatsumi, leading Hilda to observe Oga’s progress as the future Demon King’s parent. Throughout the series, Hilda’s personality changes, suggesting the influence of her time with Oga and Be’el in the human world.


Hilda is an attractive young woman with distinctive features. She has long blonde hair that covers one side of her face and is tied back in a bun. Her striking green eyes complement her pale complexion. Hilda’s clothing consists mostly of elegant black dresses with ruffles and white quillings, similar to Lolita fashion. On certain occasions, she is seen in different outfits, such as a modest pink nightgown when she wakes up. When she infiltrates Oga’s school, she wears the Saint Ishiyama High uniform, although she complains that the shirt is “a little tight”.


In addition to being a demon maid, Hilda is also a formidable fighter. She possesses exceptional strength and agility, making her a formidable opponent in battle. Completely confident in her own abilities and power, Hilda is calm in the face of her opponents, often taunting them during combat. Her fighting skills are equal to Oga’s, earning her the nickname “Oga’s Bride” in Ishiyama. In addition, Hilda is shown to have extensive knowledge of the current situation and can easily manipulate others to achieve her desired results.


Hilda’s origin as a demon handmaiden remains a matter of speculation. Her true nature and the extent of her powers are not fully explored in the series. She is often seen riding a giant bird-like creature called the Ak-Baba, indicating her connection to the supernatural realm. Despite her demonic origins, Hilda’s time spent in the human world and her interactions with Oga and Be’el have undoubtedly influenced her personality and outlook.

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Hildegard – FAQ

Who is Hildegard in “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!”?

Hildegard is a character in the manga and anime series “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou! She is a powerful demon who serves as a nanny to the main character, Beelzebub IV.

What is Hildegard’s role in the series?

Hildegard’s role in the series is to take care of Beelzebub IV, a baby demon and son of the Demon Lord. She is responsible for raising and protecting Beelzebub IV, often getting involved in various mishaps and battles along the way.

What are Hildegard’s powers and abilities?

Hildegard possesses extraordinary strength, speed, and fighting skills. She is a skilled martial artist and can easily overpower her opponents. She also has the ability to summon and control powerful lightning-based attacks that she uses in battle.

How does Hildegard interact with other characters in the series?

Hildegard has a tough and serious demeanor, which often leads to comedic interactions with other characters. She has a strong bond with Beelzebub IV and is fiercely protective of him. She also forms friendships and alliances with other characters, often teaming up with them to face common enemies.

Does Hildegard have any weaknesses or vulnerabilities?

While Hildegard is incredibly strong and skilled, she has moments of vulnerability. She can sometimes be naive and easily manipulated by others, especially when it comes to matters involving Beelzebub IV. In addition, her overwhelming sense of duty and responsibility to Beelzebub IV can sometimes interfere with her decision-making.

What is Hildegard’s backstory?

In the series, Hildegard’s past is not extensively explored. However, it is revealed that she comes from a prestigious demon family and was trained in combat from an early age. She was chosen to be Beelzebub IV’s nursemaid because of her exceptional skills and loyalty.