Tatsumi Oga

Japanese Name 男鹿 辰巳
Romaji Name Oga Tatsumi
Nicknames Rampaging Ogre, Child-Rearing Badass, Madason, Bob-Brawler
Series Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?
Age 16 (Pre-Timeskip), 17 (Side Stories); 18 (Post-Timeskip)
Weight N/A
Height 179 cm (5’10.5″)
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A



The protagonist of “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?”


Tatsumi Oga is portrayed as a strong and arrogant individual with a penchant for violence. He is initially introduced as a fierce fighter who easily defeats his classmates and asserts his dominance over them. Oga has a fearless and ruthless nature and often takes pleasure in tormenting others. However, as the series progresses, Oga’s personality undergoes some changes. He begins to develop a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and shows a willingness to protect them. Despite his tough exterior, Oga has a caring side, especially when it comes to his role as a parent to the demon baby Beelzebub.


Tatsumi Oga is a student at Ishiyama High School and the main protagonist of the series “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou! He is chosen to be the parent of Beelzebub, a demon baby who is destined to become a future demon lord. Oga’s selection is based on his qualities as an ideal parent for Beelzebub, which include strength, arrogance, and a lack of concern for others. Throughout the series, Oga faces numerous challenges and forms new friendships that gradually shape his character.


Tatsumi Oga is portrayed as a tall and muscular teenager with a strong physique. He has short black hair and sharp, intense eyes. Oga’s clothing typically consists of a white shirt, black jacket, dark pants, and black shoes. He often carries a wooden sword, which he uses in combat situations. Oga’s physical appearance reflects his intimidating presence and his role as a powerful fighter.


Oga possesses remarkable physical strength and martial arts skills, making him a formidable opponent. Known for his exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, he is capable of defeating multiple opponents at once. Oga’s fighting style is characterized by his aggressive and relentless approach, overpowering his opponents with sheer force. His strength and resilience make him one of the strongest fighters in the series.


Tatsumi Oga comes from the manga and anime series “Beelzebub”, created by Ryuhei Tamura. The series follows Oga’s journey as he becomes the parent of Beelzebub and faces the challenges of raising a demon baby while dealing with various supernatural and comedic situations. “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!? is a spin-off from the original series that focuses on Oga’s adventures with Beelzebub. Oga’s character development and interactions with other characters drive the narrative of the series, showing his growth from a delinquent to a more compassionate and protective individual.

Tatsumi Oga – FAQ

FAQ about Tatsumi Oga from “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?

Who is Tatsumi Oga?
Tatsumi Oga is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Beelzebub: Hirotta Akachan wa Daimaou!?” (also known as “Beelzebub”). He is a high school delinquent known for his incredible strength and intimidating presence.
What is Tatsumi Oga’s relationship to Beelzebub?
Tatsumi Oga becomes the adoptive father and caretaker of Beelzebub, a baby demon lord sent to Earth to destroy mankind. Oga is chosen by Beelzebub to be his “parent” and is tasked with raising and protecting him.
What are Tatsumi Oga’s abilities?
Tatsumi Oga possesses immense physical strength and is skilled in close combat. He has a unique fighting style that combines his strength with his ability to generate electric shocks. Oga is also known for his incredible endurance and resilience.
What is Tatsumi Oga’s personality like?
Oga is initially portrayed as a tough criminal with a rough exterior. He is often portrayed as hotheaded and quick to violence. However, he also has a strong sense of loyalty and a protective nature, especially when it comes to Beelzebub.
How does Tatsumi Oga’s character develop over the course of the series?
Throughout the series, Tatsumi Oga undergoes significant character development. He begins as a reluctant caretaker of Beelzebub, but gradually forms a deep bond with the baby demon. Oga learns valuable lessons about responsibility, friendship, and sacrifice as he faces the challenges of raising Beelzebub.
Does Tatsumi Oga have any major relationships with other characters?
Yes, Tatsumi Oga has several relationships with other characters in the series. One notable relationship is with Hilda, a demon maid who initially tries to assassinate Beelzebub but eventually becomes an ally and develops romantic feelings for Oga. Oga also forms close friendships with other delinquents and students at his school.