Original Name イシドロ
Romaji Name Isidoro
Series Berserk
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Isidro – A spirited character from Berserk

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Isidro, a character from the popular manga and anime series Berserk, is a spirited young boy with big dreams. Despite his tender age, Isidro has a determined and ambitious personality. He dreams of becoming a great swordsman, which leads him to join forces with the protagonist, Guts. Isidro’s youthful enthusiasm and unwavering determination make him a lively addition to the story. He often serves as comic relief, bringing a light and humorous touch to the dark and intense world of Berserk.


Isidro begins his journey in Berserk as a runaway brat turned thief. His troubled past and thirst for adventure drive him to seek a life of excitement and purpose. He crosses paths with Guts, a skilled swordsman, and decides to follow him in hopes of learning from his expertise. Isidro’s background, while not extensively explored, adds depth to his character development and fuels his quest to become a formidable warrior.


In terms of appearance, Isidro is portrayed as a young boy with a lean and agile physique. He has messy brown hair and a mischievous expression that reflects his playful nature. Isidro’s clothing consists of a tunic-like top, pants, and boots that allow for easy movement during combat. His youthful appearance contrasts with the grim and dark world of Berserk, further emphasizing his role as a symbol of youthful energy and optimism.


While Isidro lacks the strength and skill of seasoned warriors like Guts, he makes up for it with agility and resourcefulness. Despite his young age, Isidro is quick on his feet and uses his small stature to his advantage in battle. He uses a variety of tricks and tools to outwit his opponents, demonstrating his cunning and adaptability. Isidro’s skills revolve around his agility, quick thinking, and willingness to learn from those more experienced than himself.


Isidro’s origins lie in his desire for greatness and his thirst for adventure. His decision to join Guts’ group stems from his desire to become a renowned swordsman. Isidro’s journey allows him to grow and develop as a character, learning valuable lessons along the way. Although his origins are not explored in depth, Isidro’s role in the story highlights the importance of youthful ambition and the potential for growth and transformation.

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Isidro – FAQ

Who is Isidro in “Berserk”?

Isidro is a fictional character in the dark fantasy manga and anime series “Berserk” created by Kentaro Miura. He is a young thief and aspiring swordsman who becomes a member of the main protagonist Guts’ group.

What is Isidro’s role in “Berserk”?

Isidro serves as a comic relief character in “Berserk” and provides a contrast to the dark and intense themes of the series. He initially aspires to become a great swordsman and joins Guts’ group in hopes of learning from him and finding adventure.

What are Isidro’s traits and personality?

Isidro is portrayed as a mischievous, energetic, and impulsive boy. He is often seen as a troublemaker, but he is also brave and resourceful. Isidro has a strong sense of justice and a desire to prove himself as a skilled swordsman.

How does Isidro contribute to the story of Berserk?

Isidro’s character arc involves his growth as a swordsman and his interactions with the other members of Guts’ group. He often finds himself in dangerous situations, but manages to overcome them through his determination and quick thinking. Isidro’s presence adds levity to the otherwise dark and gritty world of Berserk.

Does Isidro have any special abilities or powers?

Isidro has no supernatural abilities or powers in the traditional sense. However, he is a skilled thief and acrobat, which allows him to perform impressive feats of agility and dexterity. Isidro’s greatest strength lies in his resourcefulness and his growing skill with the sword.

How does Isidro’s relationship with other characters develop?

Isidro forms a bond with Guts, the series’ protagonist, and looks up to him as a mentor. He also develops relationships with other members of Guts’ group, such as the elf Puck and the witch Schierke. Over time, Isidro learns from his companions and gains valuable experience that helps him mature as a person and a warrior.