Original Name (Japanese): モルダ
Romaji Name: Moruda
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Berserk
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Morda is a young Skellig witch. She has a calm and collected demeanor, often observing events with a detached and analytical perspective. Despite her supernatural abilities, she does not appear to wield them carelessly or recklessly, suggesting a degree of discipline and restraint.


Morda hails from the island of Skellig, a region known for its mystical and magical properties. As a witch, she possesses considerable magical powers and knowledge, likely acquired through extensive training and study.

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Morda is described as a young woman with a slender build and delicate features. She has long, dark hair that is often tied back, and her clothing suggests a practical and functional approach, likely suited to her duties as a witch.


As a witch, Morda is believed to possess a wide range of magical abilities, though the specific nature of her powers is not clearly defined. Given her role in the Berserk story, it is likely that she is capable of using various forms of sorcery and enchantment to aid the story’s protagonists or antagonists.


Morda’s origins are rooted in the fantastical world of Berserk, a dark and gritty manga series known for its rich worldbuilding and complex characters. As a resident of the mystical island of Skellig, Morda’s character and abilities are likely tied to the broader mythos and lore of that fictional setting.

Morda – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Morda from “Berserk”:

Who is Morda?

Morda is a character who appears in the Berserk manga and anime. She is a member of the Kushan Empire, a powerful nation that invades the Kingdom of Midland. Morda is a sorceress who wields powerful dark magic and plays an important role in the later arcs of the Berserk story.

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What are Morda’s abilities?

Morda is a skilled and formidable sorceress. She has the ability to control powerful demonic entities and summon them to do her bidding. Morda can also cast dark magical spells that can overwhelm her enemies. She is a cunning and manipulative character who uses her magical powers to further the goals of the Kushan Empire.

What is Morda’s role in the story of Berserk?

Morda is introduced as the commander of the Kushan invasion of the Midland Kingdom. She plays a pivotal role in the Kushan’s military campaigns, using her dark magic to devastate Midland’s forces. Morda also becomes a major antagonist to the main protagonist, Guts, as she attempts to eliminate him and his allies.

How does Morda’s character develop over the course of the story?

As the story of Berserk progresses, Morda’s character becomes more complex and layered. She is initially portrayed as a ruthless and power-hungry sorceress, but as the story progresses, glimpses of her deeper motivations and inner conflict are revealed. Morda’s relationship with the Kushan Emperor and her own personal struggles add depth to her character.

What is Morda’s relationship to the Kushan Emperor?

Morda has a complex and often strained relationship with the Kushan Emperor. While she is a loyal servant of the Empire, she also harbors ambitions and desires that sometimes conflict with the Emperor’s goals. Their dynamic is one of power struggle, with Morda seeking to increase her own influence and the Emperor trying to maintain control over his subordinates.

How does Morda’s character fit into the larger themes of Berserk?

Morda’s character and the role she plays in the Berserk story touch on some of the larger themes explored in the series, such as the nature of power, the corrupting influence of ambition, and the struggle between human and supernatural forces. Morda’s use of dark magic and her position as a powerful female character also contribute to the show’s exploration of gender and power dynamics.