Luck Voltia

Original Name ラック・ボルティア
Romaji Name Rakku Borutia
Nicknames The Cheery Berserker
Series Black Clover
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The merry berserker of Black Clover


Luck Voltia, also known as “The Cheery Berserker”, is a character from the popular anime and manga series Black Clover. He has a unique and distinctive personality that sets him apart from other characters in the series. Luck is known for his carefree and unpleasant demeanor, often displaying a mischievous and reckless attitude. He is a thrill-seeker who gets his kicks from fighting powerful opponents, constantly seeking out strong opponents to satisfy his insatiable fighting spirit. Despite his rough exterior, Luck is fiercely loyal to his comrades and shows great camaraderie within the Black Bull Squad.


Luck Voltia is a member of the Black Bull Squad of Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. As a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight, he has proven his skills as a magician and earned his place in the squad. However, his carefree and unpredictable nature has made it difficult for other Magic Knight groups to recruit him. Luck’s background remains shrouded in mystery, but his dedication to the Black Bulls and his unwavering determination in battle make him a valuable asset to the group.


Luck Voltia has a striking appearance that matches his electrifying personality. He is a young man with spiky blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Standing at a medium height, Luck’s lean and athletic build reflects his agility and quick reflexes on the battlefield. He often wears the Black Bull Squad’s standard uniform, which consists of a black robe adorned with a bull insignia and a matching cape. Luck’s entire appearance exudes an aura of energy and excitement, reflecting his affinity for lightning magic.


Luck Voltia is an exceptionally skilled magician, specializing in lightning magic. His affinity for lightning allows him to harness and manipulate electricity, giving him powerful offensive capabilities in battle. Luck’s lightning spells are known for their destructive power and speed, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. In addition, his lightning magic allows him to enhance his physical abilities, giving him increased speed and agility.


Luck Voltia is a character from the Black Clover manga and anime series created by Yūki Tabata. The series is set in a world where magic is a common and essential part of everyday life. Luck’s character development throughout the series shows his growth as a warrior and his journey to become a respected magical knight. His interactions with other characters, especially his fellow members of the Black Bull Squad, contribute to his origin story as he forms bonds and develops his unique personality.

Luck Voltia – FAQ

Who is Luck Voltia?

Luck Voltia is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Black Clover”. He is a member of the Black Bulls, one of the nine squads of magical knights in the Clover Kingdom.

What is Luck Voltia’s magic attribute?

Luck Voltia’s magic attribute is Lightning Magic. He can create and manipulate lightning, allowing him to cast powerful offensive spells.

What is Luck Voltia’s personality like?

Luck Voltia is known for his wild and energetic personality. He is often seen with a mischievous grin on his face and enjoys fighting strong opponents. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his comrades and is always eager to prove himself in battle.

What is Luck Voltia’s role in the Black Bulls?

Luck Voltia is an active member of the Black Bulls and serves as one of their strongest fighters. He often participates in missions alongside his teammates and is always ready to lend a hand when needed.

Does Luck Voltia have any special abilities?

Yes, Luck Voltia has a unique ability called “Auto Replenish”. This ability allows him to constantly replenish his mana, giving him an almost unlimited supply of magical power during combat.

What is Luck Voltia’s backstory?

Luck Voltia’s backstory reveals that he was born in a poor village and grew up in a harsh environment. He developed his lightning magic to protect himself and his friends. Eventually, he caught the attention of the Magic Knights and was recruited into the Black Bulls.

Does Luck Voltia have any notable relationships with other characters?

Luck Voltia has a close relationship with his fellow Black Bulls, especially Magna Swing and Asta. He often engages in friendly rivalries and training sessions with them. Luck also has a deep respect for his captain, Yami Sukehiro, and looks up to him as a role model.