Mereoleona Vermillion

Original Name メレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオン
Romaji Name Mereoreona Vāmirion
Nicknames Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness
Series Black Clover
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Mereoleona Vermillion, a character from the popular anime series Black Clover, is known for her fiery and fierce personality. Despite her hostile attitude and short temper, she possesses remarkable leadership skills and a deep understanding of how to motivate others. Mereoleona is not afraid to speak her mind and can be quite blunt in her approach. Her unwavering determination and strong sense of justice make her a formidable force on the battlefield.


Mereoleona Vermillion hails from House Vermillion, one of the royal families of the Clover Kingdom. She is the first daughter of her noble family and has dedicated her life to protecting the kingdom. Mereoleona has a prestigious background, and her position as the former captain of the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights speaks volumes about her skill and dedication.


Mereoleona Vermillion has striking features. She has captivating blue eyes and long, wavy vermillion hair. Like her brothers, she has distinct red markings around her eyes, adding to her fierce and intense presence. Mereoleona’s physical appearance reflects her fiery nature and serves as a visual representation of her strong personality.


When it comes to her skills, Mereoleona Vermillion is an exceptional fighter. She possesses immense strength, speed, and agility, making her a formidable opponent in battle. Mereoleona’s endurance is extraordinary, as she can withstand powerful attacks without showing signs of pain or fatigue. Her fighting skills and strategic thinking make her a respected and influential figure among the Knights of Magic.


Mereoleona Vermillion is a character from the Black Clover manga and anime series created by Yuki Tabata. She first appeared as a supporting character in both the Black Clover manga and its anime adaptation. Throughout the series, Mereoleona’s character development shows her growth as a leader and her unwavering dedication to protecting the Clover Kingdom.
Mereoleona Vermillion’s character has gained considerable popularity among fans of Black Clover. Her fierce and unyielding nature, combined with her impressive combat skills, make her a fan favorite and a standout character in the series.

Mereoleona Vermillion – FAQ

Who is Mereoleona Vermillion in “Black Clover”?

Mereoleona Vermillion is a character from the anime and manga series “Black Clover”. She is a member of the Vermillion Royal Family and serves as the captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, one of the nine magic knight squads in the Clover Kingdom.

What are Mereoleona Vermillion’s distinguishing characteristics?

Mereoleona is known for her fiery and aggressive personality. She possesses immense magical power and specializes in fire magic. She is also a skilled melee fighter and is often seen in close combat with her opponents.

How does Mereoleona Vermillion interact with other characters?

Mereoleona is known for her straightforward and no-nonsense attitude. She often pushes her subordinates to their limits, believing in tough love and rigorous training. Though she may seem harsh, she cares deeply for her squad members and strives to bring out their true potential.

What is Mereoleona Vermillion’s role in the Clover Kingdom?

As captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, Mereoleona plays a vital role in protecting the Clover Kingdom from internal and external threats. She actively participates in missions and battles to defend the kingdom alongside her squad members.

Does Mereoleona Vermillion have any unique abilities?

Mereoleona possesses incredible mana and is a master of fire magic. Her most notable ability is the Lion’s Roar, which unleashes an incredibly powerful blast of fire. She can manipulate and control fire with great precision, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

What is Mereoleona Vermillion’s relationship to Asta?

Mereoleona was initially skeptical of Asta due to his lack of magic and unconventional methods. However, she gradually comes to appreciate his determination and strong will, and begins to see his potential as a warrior. She becomes one of Asta’s mentors and helps him train to become a stronger magical knight.